Dream Marriage

by Nigel
(Lincoln, England)

I have been on this site for 5 years can you believe and wish to share my experiences with everyone.

I am not saying there are not genuine girls and ladies on the site but I estimate that 90% are not genuine. Endless invitations to chat at huge cost and you have no idea who you are chatting with, even on video chat she isn't necessarily the person typing. it`s just one massive scam.

I have spent months writing to a girl, then say I am going to visit Ukraine and then suddenly they are always busy.

It`s not hard for me being in England, a 3 hour flight but from the USA it is a long and costly journey and I would be severely annoyed if arriving there to find she did not turn up. Even if they do turn up its is ALWAYS with an interpreter so you are feeding 3 people. The interpreter usually eats as she hasn't eaten for a month in the most expensive restaurant usually.

Gentlemen, avoid this site PLEASE. Do not be fooled by the glamorous photos. You will either never meet them or even if you do it will be going through the motions. Trust me, I have done it many times.

Bob's Comment:

See My Experience With Anastasia Date, written by a reader of this site. It spells out in great detail a first hand experience like this. It's not the same site, but it sounds like the same operation.

And here's the deal... it's REALLY SIMPLE: If you're paying for each communication (letter, chat, video, voice call) something like this is happening. And exactly WHAT is happening is that the women are PAID to write/talk/etc. They're either straight employees, or - more likely in this particular case - they are paid a percentage of the revenue generated from their letters/chats/etc.

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