by Mark
(Chicago, IL)

This more of an inquiry rather than a review. I am in my mid 50's, very distinguished looking, in very good shape, and do not look anywhere near my actual age. I am also very successful and a father of two.

I mention all this for a reason. I recently completed a profile on Dream-Marriage.com. Within a matter of days, I received over 400 messages, some repeatedly from the same women. Many where rightfully asking for my true intentions, wanting only a family-oriented man with serious intentions.

This is what I expected. But what I did not expect is the huge number of women professing their passion for me, wanting me to father their children, or telling me how they could not possibly live without me. There were a significant number of them 19-22 years of age, most in their mid to late 20s. That certainly inflated my ego.

What is most curious though is that at this point I had not yet uploaded a single photo of myself! I then uploaded a photo, and another 500 messages popped up with even more passion. Now, I like think I'm a pretty sharp guy with a lot going for me, but something just seems off about this. I've read your comments with great interest, and now I'm getting cold feet on the whole process. What do you know about this website?

Bob's Answer:

Your instincts are serving you well :-)

I have not had direct exposure to dream-marriage.com, but I have not heard good things. The experience you describe sounds a lot like AnastasiaWeb (click the link to read my review).

As you will read throughout my site - especially in the reviews and in the scam sections - really young, most really hot Russian/Ukrainian women are not interested in men double their age unless they're looking for "the good life". And they don't fall in love right away, and especially not before they've even seen even one picture!

Almost certainly what is happening here is that local agency workers are writing all these messages on behalf of the girls.

You don't need to get cold feet about the whole process. Step one: Read this entire site! It's custom-suited to someone exactly like you. Read especially the reviews and the sections on scams.

But in a nutshell, there's one fairly sure shot, Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com - Review. As I point out in my review (click the link for the review) this is the site where you are least likely to get scammed like this, and the women are the most serious. The average "hotness" may be a little lower (but they certainly don't have a shortage of hotties :-), but that's because the girls all write and post their own profiles. It's all just a lot more "real".

You will have women write you there, but not before you post pictures. And mostly the women who will right will not be the very hottest ones, and they'll probably be over 30 years old.

This is not to say that you won't encounter a scammer there, but they're a lot more rare. And any scamming will be happening from the women, not the agency itself (as you're dealing with at dream-marriage.com).

I hope that helps!

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Romance Compass
by: William

I got interested in this lady for she looked really hot. We have continued to talk for a long time and the money I have spent-way too much. The pictures that she sent me with each letter captured her beauty for sure... Here lately she sent me a letter and the picture that she attached was beyond words. She looked like she had aged and this photo was nothing like the previous pictures so I would advise men to be really careful when when talking to these women if they actually exist... Just be careful fellows.

[Bob's Answer:]

Another user did some exhaustive research on Romance Compass which you can read at Romance Compass; The Ugly Truth.


Experience of Dream Marriage
by: Nigel

I was on this site for a VERY long time, I was nothing if not determined and tested the site to death. Surely there would be one lady out there for me?

Now I do not doubt that a handful of couples meet through Dream-Marriage.com but I would STRONGLY urge you to keep your cash to yourself.

Lets examine some facts.

Verified profiles - means little
Single - again means little.

Doesn't make her honest!

I do not know this for sure but the ladies from all over Ukraine come to Dream-Marriage.com via a whole series of local agencies who must get paid somehow.

Firstly, I only ever went for those with excellent English, after all three's a crowd and you cannot establish any personal feeling with an interpreter present. I found that they all insist on the interpreter, I guess pressure is put on the by the agencies as this is good money spinner, especially in Odessa where it is $30 per hour plus they will often take you to a very expensive restaurant where you are buying for 3 and the interpreter usually hadn't eaten for a week!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use the chat. This is a total rip off. you are paying vast amounts of money and often have no idea who is actually there.

I am convinced that on Dream-Marriage.com there are agents who send out letters and chat invites because not so long ago a sent a letter to a lady, she read it and then about 10 minutes later came a chat invite with the caption "why do you not write to me? " Does that make sense ?

It makes no sense unless it is one massive scam.

Last girl I went to Kyiv to meet said she had a big work event and needed new shoes. Well, I walked into that but I put it all down to experience and bought her the shoes. After that we took a taxi out to Yanukovitches palace which was interesting but she walked 10 yards in front of me almost all the time. She had her shoes and now I wasn't important.

I will finish by saying that after several years on Dream-Marriage.com, many overnight train journeys where the lady didn't turn up etc, etc and God only knows how much of my cash I joined www.russian-dating.com . That was 2 weeks ago. It is free and after 2 days the most delightful and lovely girl wrote to me and it continues .......I am sure she is genuine.

Finally gentlemen -


[Bob's Comment:]

DUDE, something almost exactly like this will happen with any agency or site that charges you by the letter (chat, etc.). The women's profiles may have been "Verified". The girls pictured are usually accurate, and the name, city, and age are accurate. What exactly would you want to have verified?

With pay-per-letter almost always the girl is in partnership with the agency.

Whether it's Dream-Marriage or any other site, this is how it works.

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