EM management cancels for no reason

Elena's Models, a long time leader in the field, is to be avoided.

After being a long time client, and spending significant money with site, they made a change in format in 2014. As you will read in many forums, the new format is basically non functional. During the change, I was a member and the shift knocked out all my saved correspondents, and communication. Upon complaining about this to the help desk, a director by the name of Darrin contacted me and was extremely rude. He suggested that I was at fault and that the new site is working fine. Of course you can read any post to see that is not true.

His solution was to cancel my prepaid membership with out any refund, in effect, stealing my money without providing the service I paid for. This makes E, and her management a group of thieves.

Just skip them, and ignore the glowing reports you may read online, that was in the past.

Do not send them any money unless you want to just lose it.

Bob's Comment:

Yep, this is kind of how I call it. They used to be the best in the business, but after their "Upgrade" (that's their word, not mine :) they have taken a serious dive.

Not only did Elena's Models make this wonderful "Upgrade", but when any web publisher took public issue with their new service approach, what did they do? Did they honestly examine the criticisms and try to correct course? NOOOOO... They (specifically that same Darrin Field mentioned above) threatened publishers (including me) with legal action!

You can read my full review at Elena's Models - Review.

Darrin Field accuses me of publishing specific lies in my review and demanded that I prove what I say. Not that I was actually obligated, but I did anyway... See EM - Review Evidence where I specifically answer every one of his stupid allegations.

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