by Ron
(England )

I, like maybe most men, am registered with a couple of agencies. I was introduced to find-bride in February 2013 by a girl I met online on a different site because she wanted to video chat. I went on video chat with the girl and eventually met her twice in Odessa so for me the dating site was very good at that time.

However as I chatted to other girls and met a few more it didn't really grasp my attention why some girls only wrote letters and would not be in chat. I know now why, but that was my own doing in not reading up properly last year.

However in May this year, one girl from the dating site managed to find my profile on and told me straight away of the scams. She was employed by the local agency to be in chat on camera only and not write any letters to men. Her interpreter writes the letters for her.

As she was honest with me, I went to Kiev to meet this girl from the site and she explained more about it. She explained about the gift process that the girls do not actually receive the gifts and photos are made with the girl and some flowers, but the agency just keep the money. She confirmed in her agency the girl would only receive a very small part of the money paid.

We had a great weekend together and met again for a week in Kiev 3 weeks ago. Again we had an amazing time together and this time the girl had her laptop with her. She showed me the girls side of the dating site. She explained that her local agency received many requests from men for them to give them her contact details but they refuse to and just pocket the money. It is expensive on find-bride to order a girl's details.

So it was only very recently that her agency wrote to her and had been looking at her vk profile and my vk profile too and seen that we have met in real life.

They threatened her due to this as it was against their rules. She has had to delete her vk profile and I deleted the photos of our trip from my vk too.

She asked to be deleted from find-bride dating site but her local agency would not let her because they make too much money with her profile. But after some arguments and me writing to find-bride (I delete my profile once we started to chat on vk) showing them other girls who are fake, they deleted her profile. Her boss in the agency, Elena Lel, still makes problems for this girl even though she is deleted.

So if you are looking for a girl, follow the steps as shown on this site. Try to find them on Facebook or vk, it's easy to search there. Write to them there and if they don't know you then it's dodgy. I've been lucky meeting this girl because I go back to see her again very soon. But be wary at the girls in Simferopol, there are very bad local agencies like the one this girl was with.

Many thanks

Bob's Answer:

Hmmm, I have nothing to add! Thanks for the post!

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Easy to find in vk and facebook? not so much!
by: Helder

I have been chatting with someone a few months, I can't find her anywhere... Not instagram, nor vk, facebook... nothing.

I even tried reverse search software and face recognition software... Only dating sites are shown as result for her face.

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