Georgia? Visa Requirments?

by Mabk
(WinstonSalem NC)

Hi Bob, I wanted to see what you say about this? Is it fact that a U.S. citizen doesn't need a Visa for Georgia?

I see that Russian citizens are welcome there Visa free also. For one year in both U.S. and Russian cases. I'm looking at countries to move to with my fiancee while waiting out a K-1.

I want to know I'm not reading bad or old information. So; Do you know if Georgia is Visa free for 1 year for U.S. citizens please?

Thank you

Bob's Answer:

I don't have any previous "insider" knowledge of this, but a quick Google search yields some fairly convincing confirmation of your findings. See

Right now this page says it was last updated Sept 2016, so that's pretty recent (as of the time of this writing in Jan 2017).

It says U.S. citizens need only a valid passport to stay for up to 365 days. I know that 365 days is plenty enough time for that fiancee visa, but from my reading it looks like with Georgia you could leave for a day and come back to get another whole year. Most countries like Ukraine are very clear that you may stay "up to 90 days in any 180 day period". Georgia doesn't say that, so I would probably assume you could leave for a few days and return to completely reset the clock.

I also did a quick airbnb search for accommodations in Tbilisi Georgia and see that at accommodations are amazingly affordable (many options under $500-$600/month).

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