Great article

by Jeff
(Phoenix, AZ)

I'm planning a 3 month trip to Ukraine this Spring. Glad to come across this article. Wish I would have read it, before I dropped $100 on A Foreign Affair match (scam) service. Was told after 8 letters, that she didn't feel comfortable away from the translation service. Don't they know that there are translation apps out there. Anyway, I'm an avid hiker and look forward to hitting the trails. I find there aren't any quality language programs for Ukrainian.

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Feb 24, 2019
RE: Great article
by: Bob (Site Owner)

(You didn't enter a name, so let me call you "Jeff" from Phoenix - please use it in follow ups)

Thanks for the comments!

$100 isn't that much for tuition at pay-per-letter university :) Many men go much further before connecting the dots. What really happens there isn't that the girl is "uncomfortable" because she relies on the translation service provided by the site. It's because she's not even writing.

Most likely the girl doesn't even know who you are and the agency is just writing letters on her behalf. There are other version of how the pay-per-letter scam goes, but with AFA it's usually the agency writing on behalf of the girl.

I live in Kiev and am unaware of good hiking options here, but I'm sure they exist. But even living in the middle of a big city I walk between one and six miles every day just in the normal course of life.

Three months is an AWESOME time frame if you do it right!

First, as a U.S. citizen (or Western Europe/Australia/Etc) you can only stay 90 days legally without a special arrangement, then you need to be away for 90 days before re-entering.

Second, anything less is just far too short!

But man, GET THE EBOOK! Click that banner ad in the right margin and download the free chapters (if you haven't already).

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