Have met on Skype several times, but still not convinced it is not a scam

by Derrick
(Tucson, AZ)

I met a young Russian woman from Moscow a couple of months ago. We have met and talked on Skype several times, so she is definitely real. She is attractive but not drop dead gorgeous. She wants to come and visit me but wants me to pay for all expenses. She explains that she hired a travel agency that will accommodate all our needs, arrange for visa and flight. But she says she signed a contract and must pay the money in a certain date.

I took a photo of her and uploaded on a face recognition site and it came up that she was indeed a scammer, which she completely denies. The money is due and I have received e-mails from the agency saying that if the money is not paid, she will be in a lot of trouble with the law and all her possessions will be sold to pay the bill. I also tried to find this agency and could not find a listing for it. I really like this girl, but I am also many years older than her. Also she is never available on weekends and can only come on Skype after 10 pm Russian time. The money she wants is quite large, but she seems real and genuine. I thought it might be a scam, but I have seen her on Skype. Am I being scammed?

Bob's Answer:

Yes, it's a scam! I'm sure you didn't expect a different answer.

I really am always open to special cases, but in this case every single thing says Russian dating scam! OK, the part about her showing up on Skype isn't the most scammy, but the rest of it is.

Remember, scams don't ALL work EXACTLY the same.

But ANY time some Russian/Ukrainian woman wants to come visit you, and she supposedly has some agency that can arrange all her travel, but they require payment, it's a scam.

First, no one can guarantee her a visa.

And all this due date stuff, and trouble with the law... ALL FICTION, I DO guarantee that.

Read my whole section on Scams (left menu bar). Just read that page and every page it links to.

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