by Jackie
(California )

I've been talking to a girl for about 8 months. She's sent both, pictures that look very genuine and pictures that look like a super model but they are clearly the same person in all the photos. We have spoke on the phone several times but never video chat. I just don't know. She sometimes doesn't answer for several days but recently we spoke more on the phone and it's definitely the same girl I'm talking with. She mentioned a visa and all that and we want to meet soon. How do I determine if she is real? How can I find out about current visa fees and if she's allowed to travel here? And if she real wtf do I do about bringing her here?

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by: Bob (Site Owner)

At least 99% of the cases where a Russian/Ukrainian woman and a western man are in communication and she wants to come visit him are scams, and that's a conservative estimate.

You can determine if she is "real" by traveling to her city and visiting there first. Follow all the advice at Avoiding Russian Women Scams. I know, I know, "it would be so much easier if she could just come here".

If you're remotely serious about it that's what you should do.

I'm sure all fees are somewhere at the USCIS website.

If she IS REAL, to bring her here you must first meet in person, then file for a fiancee visa.

You didn't mention how you got in communication. What site? Who wrote who first?

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