Hesitant with information!

by Alex
(Orange County, Ca. USA)

Hi, Bob!

I met Tanya on FDating. She is from Kiev. The conversations by email have been short and sweet. Telephone calls very short! Tanya says she gets confused talking on the phone and prefers talking to her in person. She asked me to visit her!

I have no concerns that she is not real, but I want her to Skype so I can at least see her face! and make sure her photos match her face on Skype. She has been hesitant, but I don't want to push her too much!

I have read some of your other comments: Go, but have a backup plan just in case I need it, correct? If for some reason Tanya is not real and need plan B, what agency would you recommend to use to look up some other women?

I have never been to Ukraine and your articles have intrigued me. Would it be easy to find my way around Kiev with no experience and no knowledge of the Russian language?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!


Bob's Comment:

Hi Alex

Yes, the "visit one, but have contingency plans just in case" plan is one of the best ways to go about it. But you DO need to be pretty careful about that because if you tell a girl you are going to visit her, she assumes you are going to visit ONLY her, and really, that's what almost any girl would prefer. But in order to reasonably expect a man to do that, they need to invest a little effort in building something prior to such a meeting, and unfortunately many do not do that.

Before I answer your real question here, if I were you I would want to know what Tanya finds "confusing" about talking on the phone. That sounds odd to me.

Fortunately Kiev is probably the BEST city to visit if you end up needing a backup plan. Daisy Bride is my favorite on-the-ground service provider there.

And, since Kiev is the capitol and largest city in Ukraine, it is the most manageable for foreign tourists.

The last time I went to Kiev I had already planned on my own to meet several girls I had met online (YES, in violation of my own advice, and with the expected consequences :). But I used Daisy Bride's Individual Tour... Here's how that worked...

For 140 euros per day (around $189 US), five day minimum, you get:

- Airport pickup/dropoff
- Apartment in "center" (walking distance to everything you'll do)
- Unlimited consultations
- Unlimited introductions to their women clients

So for less than the price of most hotels there, you get the apartment, airport shuttle service, and HELP (consultations). That "help" factor is simply the agency manager, usually Oksana, who you can call any time and ask where something is, how to get there, and any other kind of advice you might need.

That makes it worth the price even without any introductions.

AND, in the event your Plan A fails, Oksana can have you come to the office to look through their clientele on the website, and you can tell her which girls you'd like her to attempt to schedule a meeting. I like their rotating home page banner where one of them says "It takes us 10 minutes for us to find you a date for tonight!" (Note that these real dates, not some seedy call-girl or escort service).

Hope that helps!


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