Hey Bob

by Mike
(Tampa Bay, FL)

Thanks for your Counterpoint on Alejandro from Mexico. My comment was not a hard & fast rule for him, but to give him something to think about in the days ahead. You are more familiar with the Ukrainian/Russian ladies & culture than I am, as I am familiar with Mexico & Latin American ladies & culture (sadly some through experience) Like I said, in my response comment, you must "experientially" know that other persons culture with eyes wide open, by visiting there.

(1) Is premarital or pre-courtship strongly encouraged ?
Very wise if so.

(2) Listening to the internet news, how is the riots in the Ukraine affecting dating relationships and the dating websites? Not knowing how widespread the riots are, nor the violence. From experience, you can't always trust the media when it comes to foreign countries. I don't always trust the media anyway, especially after being & working in some war zone areas.

(3) How does political situations affect the internet dating scene? I would guess, if a country is in turmoil, a young lady or man would want to escape and possibly use a dating site or man/lady to get out, as my ex-wife wanted out of her country and come to the "promise land" of the USA.

Mike from Tampa Bay, Florida

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