Hi, What are my chances of finding a life partner on Anastasiadate.?

by Hussain
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi, My name is Hussain and I live and work in Australia. I have been visiting Anastasiadate.com, but have not been involved in any correspondence with the ladies on the site. the reason is the I got suspicious the more I visited the site. About 80-85% of it looks fake to me and I think that they pay the ladies for chatting with their customers.

Well having all that in mind I never gave my card details on the site and have never used any of their services. I have browsed a lot through the site and now there are four or five profiles that I like to correspond with and after a long time just browsing I got an offer from the site that I can receive and send first letter for free and wrote to the ladies that I liked. What is your suggestion of my chances of finding a life partner from Anastasiadate.com? I don't know how relevant my question is even after reading your reviews regarding Anastasia family of site.

Bob's Reply: As you have surely read in my review of AnastasiaWeb/AnastasiaDate I try to be careful that what I say about this site passes the "legal test" as they are a little aggressive about silencing critics. Having said that, you are on to something in your last sentence - well - in your whole comment.

But if you want to hear what unbiased users have to say about them who are not so concerned with legal action, go to Google and search for "ruadventures anastasiadate". RUAdventures is one of the leading forums for men seeking a Russian/Ukrainian/Eastern European wife.

My advice: Don't use AnastasiaWeb/AnastasiaDate. Read my reviews (see "Reviews" in left margin) and select one of the sites with a positive review.

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