How can I get in direct communication with Russian women?

by Craig

Can I speak with Russian women to ask if they can come to UK?

Bob's Answer:

Hi Craig, thanks for writing. Yes, you can speak (well, more likely write initially) to Russian women to ask them if they can come to the UK. You can start communication on, Russian Cupid, or Ukraine Date. And on any of those sites you can ask the women whatever you like.

But I do have a few answers to the questions that you aren't asking YET. READ THE REST OF THIS SITE. Seriously, if you just start writing Russian women and ask them if they can visit the UK, you are very likely to be SCAMMED out of your very last dollar (um, I mean pound... Euro?).

At the very least read my reviews of these three sites at - Review and Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date - Review. You should also probably spend a little time reading about Russian Dating Scams.

And to skip a little ahead, I must suspect that the U.K. is almost as tight about issuing travel visas to Russian/Ukrainian woman as is the U.S.. This means two things to you, (1) if you find a Russian woman who claims she CAN visit you in the U.K., there's a decent chance she's a scammer. She'll ask you for airfare, help with visa fees, etc., and you'll never see her again; (2) The best practice, BY FAR, is to visit them first in their country. Again, that's something you can read much more about throughout the rest of this site.

Good luck, and feel free to post any other questions you may have.

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