How can I meet women from smaller towns?

by Charl
(South Africa)

How can I meet women from smaller towns? I know they only speak speak Russian and don't have email and do not get much attention.

Bob's Answer:

Searching for women in smaller towns definitely has it's good and bad, as you seem to recognize. It's the same everywhere... women from smaller cities or rural areas ON AVERAGE are a little more down-to-earth and appreciative of attention, but there are more logistical challenges in communication and travel.

But your question is HOW?

Well, there are two ways really.

1) Use the "correspondence approach" as described at
Dating Russian Women Online:
The Correspondence Approach
, except focus on women from smaller towns or more rural areas.

The challenge with this, as you realize, is often the lack of internet and/or email. But while internet and email are less common in outlying areas, it still exists and is becoming more widespread all the time. And the language challenges can be overcome with the help of interpreters.

So if you can meet a special lady who has email, you can hire your own translator to translate your emails and/or Skype conversations and see where it leads.

In such a case when you eventually make a visit, you would definitely need to hire an interpreter (ONLY someone you find and choose, and not someone who knows the lady you are going to meet).

2) But to really go "off road", so to speak, you'll probably need to find an honest agency in a small town and plan an individual tour. That used to be a LOT easier before the complete fall of the Angelika Network around August 2014.

With the Angelika Network, you could just scan through profiles, see what small towns had the most women that interested you, then book a tour through Angelika Network to that city, and for a fair and reasonable price an honest, reliable affiliate agency would handle all your accommodations, schedule your dates, arrange your interpreters when needed, etc.

So the challenge now - which I will eventually address more thoroughly on my pages about "Individual Tours" - is to find a way to accomplish that Angelika Network tour program on your own.

Here's how I think I would try to do it...

If you don't know the small town you would like to target, that'll be your first task. Maybe to do that you could just search on the big sites (like

Personally, I think if I were attempting such a mission I would probably target a smaller Ukrainian city like Kherson, Nikolaev, Mariupol, or Poltava. I've been to Poltava, and I've heard good things about the other cities.

Here's how I recommend going about the search for an agency... Once you've chosen your small town (I'll use Kherson, Ukraine for my example), just Google "kherson marriage agencies". Click on each one, look around each site to see if it seems legitimate. When you find one that seems legit, then Google that specific site/agency to see if there's any talk of scams. So if you find that an agency named "ABC Kherson" seems legit, then Google "ABC Kherson scam".

You might also see if there's any discussion of it at any of the following forums:


If it looks good, then try to use their services to plan your tour. If you find an agency you think looks good, but you would like me to look at it and tell you what I think, contact me through the "Contact" link.

I must say that in writing this I have discovered that this second option is really pretty difficult... As I tried to search for examples of good, local, physical agencies in small towns, I found them to be extremely scarce.

Almost everything I found was a subset of a larger site. For example, comes up in most searches. That's AFA (A Foreign Affair). And also comes up in many searches. So if you search for "nikolaev marriage agencies", you'll see that comes up as one of the top hits. Well, that's just filtered to Nikolaev, not a local/physical agency that can organize a tour for you.

I will see if I can find better information, or even maybe one day start something myself that will offer functionality somewhat like Angelika Network, but until then, personally I recommend option #1.

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