How long did it take for you to meet the right Russian woman?

by Francis

Hi, I actually have 3 questions if you don't mind...

You seem to have been in Russia or Ukraine many times. You say you did a few individual and group tours with AFA and Angelika... You've seemed to have met many Russian women. How much time and traveling did you do before meeting your serious wife? I mean is that a normal process for finding a good Russian women? (like you did by going on several tours or by meeting many women on correspondence approach).

Bob's Answer: I don't mind at all! But with the constraints of the system I use the questions and answers aren't all going to fit in one post. What I'll do is split these into three separate posts, and answer each in it's own post.

Before I answer this too specifically, remember, as I say on one of my pages, I had to first learn all the ways that don't work before putting it all together into an approach that did work.

You ask if my process was "normal". Well, as I also mention on my site, all methods work, and here I'll add to that: There is no "Normal", and some methods work better than others, and some methods are more suited for some people than others.

I know a guy who planned a trip to Tver, Russia in the late 90s. He hadn't written to any women, but just went on an Individual Tour (through a company called On that trip he met some 25+ women and narrowed the field much as I recommend in my description of Individual Tours. By the end of his 15-day visit he proposed to his favorite THROUGH A TRANSLATOR, and she accepted. She spoke NO ENGLISH. Over the months while they waited for the visa process to complete she studied English. Now almost 15 years later they're still happily married.

I know others who have done EVERYTHING - group tours, individual tours, writing, etc., and they still haven't met someone that works for them (or vice versa, or both).

My literal answer (practical answer next): Six years. One group tour, three individual tours, one trip to visit a girl I met on an individual tour (she turned out to be a greedy, selfish gold digger), and two trips to meet the girl I met online and later married.

The practical answer: I hate to plug my site so much, but I did write it for a reason... Had I found a site like this when I first stumbled across the Russian/Ukrainian concept, it would have taken 6 months to meet her followed by two trips to Russia to visit her before she came here. That's basically my chronology and history starting from the point that I first really realized that the tour approaches just weren't going to work.

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