How to validate if she is real

by KC

Hello there.. I left a comment on you site, not realizing I could contact you directly. I am interested in validating this women whom I am speaking with from Russia and met on I approached her and we have been speaking for about 4 weeks or so. She seems real legit but I'm still very skeptical, I have done many things to try to call her bluff and said things to see her reaction or how she would handle certain questions. She seems very legit, and now there is talk of her coming here but she has no asked for anything yet; no money or nothing. I even at one time just to see what she would say, offered to send her things, a prepaid phone that I would pay for , for i.e.. but she did not accept it and said that embarrassed her that I would do that. I asked for her physical address and she gave it to me, but I am unsure what addresses really look like in Russia. It looks legit; has everything on but a numeric road address it's the building number. Guess this may be how they do it. One concern that I have is, I am having trouble speaking on the phone with her, she is having trouble calling. I would like to have your opinion or advice on how to find out if she is legit. Thank you.

Bob's Answer:

I answered your comment, but will add to it here.

I have heard that blocks activity from Russian and Ukrainian IP addresses, so that automatically calls her authenticity into question. Did you actually connect on, or did she email you directly SAYING she saw you on Match?

Either way, it's suspicious right out of the blocks.

About phones: ***ALL*** Russian/Ukrainian women have mobile phones, and ALL Russian/Ukrainian mobile phones are FREE to use for INCOMING calls and texts, even from overseas. They only pay to place calls or send texts.

And while internet may be a TINY bit less widespread than here, even very remote places have internet.

She almost certainly cannot obtain a tourist visa to the U.S., so she can't visit.

Read my whole site... Seriously, it's free, and it's the best information out there.

If you're REALLY committed to seeing this one through, the only recourse is for you to VISIT HER in HER CITY. Nothing else will do. And I wouldn't visit her until I spent at least 10-20 hours on combined phone and Skype video calls (Skype is a must).

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Here are some things to confirm her.
by: Anonymous

1st here's a Russian address. It's current. I changed the spelling enough it's not real for mailings, but it's exactly as one would appear.

Natalya Artimavanda
Stavropoldki.prospect 52/7.flat 822

In reading your question I also immediately got flagged from hearing Match com, and problems calling. It would help a lot if you could describe with the problem calling is?

If it helps to hear this from a second U.S. man with Russian woman; You need Skype badly. For example I sent flowers to mine for only 30 bucks = 11 red roses. But I see flowers in Skype I know the Russian addr is good also.

People in C.A. use Yandexcom a lot for scams. Also a legit yandex is in Russia. Point is this. Her email must end in .ru, not anything else. I say this due to the Match com not sounding perfect but; with .ru you'll know if it's a scammer inside the U.S. So here's an altered copy of my woman's email also. I replace 3 numbers with x's but see it's .ru. Putin killed Microsoft in Russia and that's in effect/ Point is; any email addy in Russia ends in .ru now.

Lastly if she offered to come here and it's not a scam it's one of 2 things. She has a Tourist or Business Visa now and has not informed you; (Unliley). Or she is not aware of what's required to get one? You need to ask her about her visa status. Tell her I (some guy ) on internet pointed this out. If she dislikes the question I'd even say her disliking it is a red flag. From different countries it's a common question. If you were going to Russia and she ask you if your Visa was current, or if you had filed for it; That would be totally normal; Right? I'm after her honesty. I hope she is a great trustworthy woman. But know that most Russian women are slick. Life is difficult for most of them. They first have to be very often. And smart they are. Guys hate to admit it but; Most Russian women are smarter than us U.S. men. This is not to mean anything bad. You have to understand Russia to get this exactly, but give my words due weight and be more careful than normal. Good luck, get Skype. And post what the phone problem is?

Suggest I P Telephony
by: Anonymous

IP telephony is a product quickly becoming popular in Russia. Compared to U.S. dollars it's pennies per minute. Maybe it's been around but I used it while I was in Russia the 10th of December 2016.

Suggest she download this. All Russian women have lap tops, or someone close to them has one in the worst cases. I would not believe both that she has the funds to travel to the U.S. and has no lap top. If her phone problem is real this will both fix it, and save her and all her friends money. It's a good tip to tell her about in any case. Again get Skype. It's free.

[Bob's Comment:]

Hi Anonymous - Would you mind posting another comment or messaging me directly ("Contact Me" link on the footer of any page) with the specific name of an IP Telephony product you know? I'm in Ukraine right now and was just looking for information about this the other day and had a hard time coming up with reliable information.

But that also makes me contribute this thought to your comment: If I - a fairly highly technical person - could have trouble with it then a Russian using "no phone" as an excuse for not talking will easily use that as an excuse.

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