I am going to ask one of those "Is this a scam" questions.

by Henry

So there have been a couple of women that I am communicating with that are not able to use Skype or Viber Video call or Whatsapp Video call. This puts my yellow flags up.

But on the positive side, they communicate with me almost every day via email. Sending very nice sweet and long letters. One of them I did do one skype call with when she signed on at her work pc. And we have done a couple of phone calls. The other one has flatly refused even though she has Viber.

I guess my question is. When do you call bullshit on this? These girls read my letters and respond to what I say. And the big question is if they are scammers wow they have sure put a lot of work in this. And they have never asked for anything other than to meet me and for me to be with them forever. I just don't see the scam, but I am suspicious of the lack of video communication.

I am tempted to cut them off since I have other ones that I have a more normal correspondence with. I even thought of pushing it with them and saying that other women will skype and I need this verification before I visit you. But of course, that may scare them off.

What do you guys think?

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RE: I am going to ask one of those "Is this a scam" questions.
by: Bob (Site Owner)

First, business: Please post scam questions at the Russian Scams Q & A section, not the general Q/A section. Now, to my thoughts...

Yellow flags -- yes. Mostly the "not ABLE". I don't buy that for a second. It doesn't NECESSARILY mean something bad, but it probably does. A girl might not WANT to speak by Skype video because it's very time consuming and she doesn't want to put too much time into it without knowing you are fairly serious. Serious girls here (in Ukraine) want something real, and believe it or not, there are men who will be happy to write, talk, and video for YEARS. And some girls just don't like video because they don't want to have to always be made-up.

But it's usually because video takes away a level of anonymity. It's harder to mass-produce a scam when you need to appear live for a few hours/week and keep your story straight.

And frequent, long, sweet letters AREN'T a "positive side". Very few serious/real girls write frequent, long, sweet letters. In my experience that's almost as much a sign of something bad as not appearing on video. That's MY EXPERIENCE, and it's not 100%. Take it for what it's worth!

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