I am Hesitant.

by Kevin
(Syracuse, New York, U.S.A.)

I am Hesitant... Thus I searched for some answers or resolve.

I have been writing to a 33 year old, stunningly attractive Russian woman who finds me attractive and interesting.

After corresponding for less than a month, she is professing how much, how important I am too her and wants to come on a vacation to Syracuse, NY; where I live, in order for us to meet and become acquainted.

As I have written above; she is 33 years old, single, an accountant, articulate, intelligent, warm, and romantic.

I am 57 years old retired Man. I can not give her children and am not rich.

She has already gone to a travel agency and has paid for all documents.

She has even scheduled flight arrangement.

She claims she has spent all her money on the travel documents and would like for me to provide for her flights.

This is roughly $972.00 plus a the flight from Kennedy in New York City to Syracuse.

I do want to meet her and even, perhaps establish an intimate relationship.

I just don't know.

What are your thoughts Please

Bob's Answer:

You're right to be hesitant.

I regret to tell you that there is no doubt that this is a scam. If you send her any money you'll never see it or her again.

Read Russian Dating Scams and every page to which it links and all the questions and answers from other users at Russian Women Questions and Russian Women Advice.

I think you'll see your situation described throughout these pages.

You didn't mention, but I'm sure there's a reason she wants you to send her money for the airfare rather than just book the flight for her, right? She probably says there is some kind of law that requires she purchase the tickets.

If she hasn't suggested this, offer to book her flights for her and see what she says. If you do this, make sure you get tickets that are refundable only to you.

If you make this offer, most likely she'll act offended that you don't trust her, trying to guilt you into sending money. But even if she does agree to let you buy the tickets it's still a scam... The day of her flight she'll write you about some last minute emergency requiring cash... Maybe she'll say that Russian customs won't let her depart unless they pay an "exit fee" or some such baloney.

I would recommend quit writing her and use the advice on my site to find a real Russian/Ukrainian woman!

Hope that helps.

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