I am writing a Russian girl with the name of Olga XXXXXXX

by Edmer
(Richmond, Virginia)

I've been writing her for about 1 month. How do I find out if she is a scammer. Her name is Olga XXXXXXX.I am 30 years older & have my concerns. Her letters to me answer specific questions. She gets upset if I do not write each day. Please advise if this name has come up in any previous discussions with your readers. Thanks

Bob's Answer:

I X'd out the last name you provided because there is no upside to showing it... If she's real and this progresses, she could Google her full name and find this post and see that you've named her publicly as a suspected scammer, and then if it was real, it would be over.

But the solution to scammers isn't having a definitive list of all the bad ones, it's knowing and applying a few simple, common sense concepts that are all available here on this site, and especially in many of the other questions and answers here.

But to answer your question, I have never seen this name before.

But who started this correspondence, you or her? She's 30 years younger than you, but is she "believable"? In other words, are your ages 25 and 55 and is she a total knockout and you not-so-much? And is there anything about you that would tend to make a young supermodel stop and take notice (like having your own private jet and yacht)?

Does she write like she's already in love after only one or two messages ("I think of you all day and it puts a smile on my face...")?

You see where I'm heading with this... figuring out if she's a scammer isn't really hard.

Then, assuming none of these questions raises concern for you, read and heed my advice at Russian Dating Scams and especially at Avoiding Russian Women Scams.

Never send money. Never use pay per letter services. First meeting MUST BE IN HER CITY. YOU must arrange all your accommodations without her help. Etc., etc., etc. If you do all that it is nearly impossible for you to be scammed, and if you can get through all that without any push-back from her it's probably real.

I hope that helps!

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