I have a feeling I'm being scammed

by Jeff
(Valparaiso In. USA)

I started talking to this Russian girl by email for a few months. I told her when she decided to make arrangements to come to America that I had no money to give her. She said she will try to get a loan to come here. I thought there is no way she is getting one but to my surprise she got one. And the whole travel agency bit. Getting appointment at U.S. embassy. And it cost 850 bucks to process documents. Plus which airport is close stuff. She decided after her grandma died to meet me. Then I get an email reminiscent of the movie green card.

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RE: I have a feeling I'm being scammed
by: Bob (Site Owner)

I'm sure if you spent any time reading the other questions and answers and the scams section of this site you know what I'm going to say!


  1. She's never met you before IN PERSON
  2. She wants to visit you in the U.S.
  3. She needs you to pay for it

...it's a scam.

I don't see anything in your story that makes this look like an exception.

I really doubt she even has this visa, but even if she does it's a scam. I seriously doubt the grandma story. It does not cost $850 to process documents.

And I'm 99% sure she WILL GET THE LOAN!

But here's the thing... On the day of her supposed departure she's going to go to the bank to pick up that money at the bank (or wherever) to pay the balance of her plane ticket and THERE WILL BE A LAST MINUTE PROBLEM.

The money isn't there. It'll be there the next day, but the flight is today. If you could just wire her the balance she'll be able to pay you back by the time she arrives.

OR the last minute crisis will be something else.

Maybe at the airport they required her to leave a deposit to ensure her return. Or they'll need to verify that she has enough money to return (Note: When someone gets a visa they ARE required to show the U.S. embassy that they have sufficient funds for such a trip, but this happens AT THE EMBASSY, and it happens WEEKS or MONTHS before the departure date, NOT at the airport on the day of departure).

My advice: If you're serious and aren't sure it's a scam, offer to travel to visit her in her city.

See Avoiding Russian Women Scams.

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