I meet a Russian women online she sent photos of her holding paper that says I love you Derek

by Derek
(New York)

So we have been talking for 8 months. She is from Russia. She emailed my personal email from an agency. She has a tourist visa which she paid for in full. She says she loves me. Hasn't mentioned marriage just wants to spend time with me. Basically everything your site says that is a scam, except she hasn't asked my full name or for money.

Bob's Answer:

Yeah, I'm skeptical :)

I guess I could be more sure one way or another with a little more information... Mostly, what "agency"? Was it one where you actually registered? If not, then definitely scam.

I get these all the time... "A week ago, I came to the agency of the acquaintances in my city where they gave me your email address..." (this is a copy/paste of one just a few weeks ago) When I reply (just for fun if I have time) I ask, "Really, that's great... What agency was that so that I can know who to thank?"

But most likely if it was that particular scam approach you would have become suspicious in far less time than 8 months.

When you say "talking", do you mean "emailing", or actual talking on phone/Skype? If actual talking (phone or Skype, but better with Skype) then it's a little less suspicious.

It's not THAT odd that she hasn't asked your last name, but it is odd that she says she loves you. My Russian ex wife didn't say that till after we were married, but scammers say it all the time.

The photos of herself holding the sign (as stated in the title), DEFINITELY suspicious.

One other thing strikes me as suspicious... EIGHT MONTHS? SHE INITIATED? Actually, those may be the strongest clues of all. A serious woman would not endure 8 months of a virtual relationship without much more serious talk of a meeting.

But, if you're not sure, there's one fix: Go see her. Hopefully she lives in a reasonable sized city, and ideally KIEV. If so, and if you're less than 50% sure it's a scam, suggest this plan to her. Her reaction should give you some of your strongest evidence yet.

And if you do make a trip, be sure to follow the advice at Avoiding Russian Women Scams.

If you want to post a follow up question or provide additional info, please add a comment to this post and I'll reply in my own comment.

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