I was just wondering if this woman is scamming me

by Josh
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

This woman emailed me out of the blue and I will say that this is not the first time. She said she got my email from a dating agency looking for foreign men. I decided to talk to her because why not and she sent a few pictures of herself and asked me for a picture of myself. She said she wanted the picture to make sure I wasn't a bot. I did send an outdated photo of myself with a different look facially than I do today. This woman isn't from Russia but nearby. I don't remember where exactly. I'm unsure of what dating agency she used seeing how I don't use online dating. I haven't given her any significant information about myself. From what she told me she doesn't have much money and I told her I was broke with no source of income. She still keeps talking to me. She knows I'm 9 years younger and she says she's cool with our age difference. She seems pretty real. In my recent email I asked if I can send suggestions for photos just to see if I could see if she is real. She seems to be happy talking to me and recieving emails. It'd be cool to meet someone online but I just don't want to be played is all. How does it sound to you?

Bob's Answer:

Sounds like a scam to me :-(

Read Russian Dating Scams.

There are a few things that don't fit the pattern, but they're pretty insignificant compared to the things that do. I mean your first two sentences are a dead giveaway! "She emailed me out of the blue" and "said she got my email from a dating agency". That's an open and shut case.

Really, WHERE did she get your email address? You'll never get a straight answer to that question. She'll say something like "the agency". If you point out that you're not registered with any agencies she'll say "I forgot where I got your email", etc.

Continue to write her if you want, but read and heed Avoiding Russian Women Scams before going any further.

And NEVER NEVER NEVER send her any money for ANY REASON, EVER.

If you continue in this dialog she's going to say she wants to see you, and has a visa to visit your country, but needs airfare, and for some strange reason you can't buy her ticket for her but must send cash. OR, a new recent twist... She'll say she has a visa AND will be paying for her own airfare. But then on the day before her scheduled flight she'll encounter some cash flow crisis and will need you to wire cash.

As long as your money stays in your wallet, or is used to pay airlines and hotels for YOUR travel, you're safe.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks for the confirmation
by: Josh

Thanks for your answer. This has happened before a few times with various Russian women. I never gave out any personal information and never sent any cash because I anticipated it was a scam. I ended up thinking all or most of them were scams and your sentence about "the agency" confirmed it. I also want to thank you for your answer because it was nice to get a second opinion and clear my mind of the thought that "maybe I'm passing up a decent woman" (not that I'd send cash or anything). Thank you again man.

[Bob's Answer:]

Glad I could be of help. Read through my site... the percentage of Russian/Ukrainian women who are scammers is actually very small, AND you could surely actually find a decent if you follow the steps (but you have to look for them, they don't just show up in your inbox ;-)

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