I writing to a Russian women who says she wants to visit me

by Michael
(Atlanta GA)

I did not join any sites. I have messed around on a few American sites, but I have not sighed up on sites. Here is part of the letter she sent me after I answered her first one:

"I got a love Internet mailing list from an unknown destination to me. In this letter, spoke of a love affair between people. In the list of e-mail recipients, I saw your address. I thought long and hard before you write. My heart was prompted to write to you, and I do not regret it. In our city recently opened Internet cafes. Previously, I've never been familiar with the Internet. Therefore, our introduction to me - this is the first Internet communication. That our relationship was going on, I would like to tell you more stories about me."

We have corresponded for about a month now and tells me its her family custom that the women must met the man's family before she can bring him to her house. I have researched this and can not tell if this is true or if I m being played. I asked her for her address because her birthday was coming up, but she did not answer. Asked her if she wanted to exchange phone numbers, but she didn't answer that either.

She said she wants to meet. I told her I researched it and found out that it will be better for me to visit her city and than I could bring her here on a fiancée visa. She did not answer that either. Instead this is what I received from her:

"Hello, my prince Michael! Thank you for your gentle, sweet letter. I'm very happy that you are always with me. Every second you're in my thoughts. I can not live without you! I can not imagine my future real life without your presence! I love you very much! You're the best man in the world. Closing his eyes, I can see the day when I will get out of the airport, you'll meet me with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I will run to you with a smile on his face. When I come to you, I will look into your eyes filled with love, I could hug you and feel the tenderness of your body, the warmth of your breath. I can kiss your sweet lips, I'll talk your ear how much I love you! My prince, I hope that very soon our dream come true! I am very pleased that we were able to build a truly serious and strong relationship. I know that our future family will be very happy. I want to do everything for you, that you were the happiest man in the world! Last night I again remembered our first encounter. I very well remember the day when I received the very first letter to you. For me it was a little unexpected. I thought you did not answer me. But you said, and now we're together. My prince, today I woke up with the most positive attitude. I normally go into the shower, made breakfast. My parents sends his best regards. My mother is very happy that I finally found true love. My mom asked when we will meet with you? I could not answer my mom anything concrete. Therefore, I want to visit a travel agency and think seriously about our future meeting. My prince, tomorrow I'll go to a travel agency in our city. Travel agency working, and our city for a long time and had a good reputation. I'll find out what documents are required for travel to your country. After a visit to the travel company I'll tell you all the details. My angel, I hope you will not mind? I am very much forward to the day when we will be together! My angel, I love you! Thank you for what you came into my life! Know that you are the best man in the world and I'm pretty sure that you are ready to do everything for our future. My dear please send me your full details (name, last name, country, city, select the closest airport to your home, just send me your full phone number with area code of your country)

I look forward to your new email to me. Tomorrow, after a visit to the travel company I'll tell you all the news. Your little princess of Russia, Elena."

Bob's Answer:

Hi Michael. How much time did you spend on my site reading about scams before you posted your question? In the left menu bar there is a link to "Scams". My advice: Click. Read. Memorize... read that page and all the pages to which it links. Then, click and read "YOUR Questions" and "Personalized Advice".

This is a scam. I guarantee it 1000000%. You didn't write to her on a site - instead she contacted you from some mystery list. You're her first internet contact. She loves you even though you've never met, spoke on phone, or spoke on video. She doesn't actually interact with your messages. Isn't it extremely obvious that "she" - it may not even be a woman - isn't even reading your messages? I mean really, you're talking about visiting her in her city and then filing for a fiancee visa and she doesn't even acknowledge it?

Oh, and about "her family custom that the women must met the man's family before she can bring him to her house"... CAREFULLY NOTE THE WORDING... "HER family custom". It certainly is not a Russian or Ukrainian custom, but who knows what HER family customs are? But they sure are convenient.

TRUST ME, this is not real. If you send any money, you will never see it or her again. Even if you travel to her city you will not meet her, and if you do, you'll still be scammed.

I just recently saw a TV commercial that comes to mind. I found it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELy6UtKEHTY.

If you are actually interested in seeking a Russian woman for marriage, stop writing this criminal right away, then read my site -- the WHOLE THING -- and you won't go wrong. Start with
Avoiding Russian Women Scams.

I hope that helps.


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