I'm writing with the woman Natalya

by Lewis
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

I'm communicating with a woman named Natalya that I read about on your site. She says she works at social services, stays in a village in Siberia with no internet. She has to go to the library to email me, she rides the bus to see her mum, ex boyfriend cheated on her with her roommate/best friend. I have already sent her $900. Someone please comment if you're writing the same woman.

Bob's Comment:

Please, let's not try to make this site a "database of known scammers". An infinitely easier and more accurate way of detecting Russian dating scams is to simply read and learn the information in the "Scams" section of this site (see left menu bar).

Gosh guys, NEVER send money, no matter what!

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by: Anonymous

1. No Money.
2. No Skype, no way!
3. Yes Siberia would/could sound like a real deal on the library thing but; I know people in Russia w/family in Siberia. They have Skype, viber, and other basic and widely used communications. POINT: Until you see who your dealing with, slowly trade info that pans out to build trust

Limit your time, and any + all investment, even your energy. If it's meant to be it will be. Always ask? What do I know for 100%? Not trying to be pointed, trying to help. I started with copies of her passports. = x 2 for Russian woman. BTW? Has she called you her wall? Re-examine what your doing! Respectfully you've paid for a quick trip to Moscow, or the larger chunk of it. Good Luck.

RE: Advice
by: Bob (Site Owner)

The only adjustment I would make to "Anonymous" advice is simply the requirement for copies of her passport. A scammer will almost always provide this and most serious women will not! Scammers have digital images of passports, visas, and other documents all ready to send. They're not usually real, but you won't know.

And most serious women there would react to your request for a scanned copy of her passport the same way you would respond to a woman's request to see a scanned copy of your Social Security card!

But looking that information in the scams section of this site, you can usually weed out 90% of the possible scams like this by just using the right sites.

Never do people involved in these kinds of scams ever state in their posts how the communication started. What site? Who contacted who? How old is the man? Woman?

That information would tell me instantly that it was a definite scam attempt.

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