In general, do Russian or Ukrainian women accept disabilities,,,such as a mid-40's aged man in a wheelchair?

by John
(Billings, MT. USA)

I am 47, and I am disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. I have a good attitude; I do not give up. I hope to find a woman who understands and appreciates the importance of healthy eating, as I am using diet to try to improve my condition. I also hope Russian or Ukrainian women can accept me for the inner me. I cannot walk, but am not completely unattractive.

Bob's Answer:

I don't see a question mark, but the question mark seems implied :) To be perfectly honest I haven't encountered anything in that "genre", i.e. wheelchair (so if you don't like my answer you're cleared in advance to feel "he doesn't know what he's talking about - he even admits it"), but I would think it's possible to find what you're looking for, but your condition will probably make it a lot harder.

I have to believe that your odds improve as the age range of women you seek increases. I've heard that statistically less than 5% of the women on those dating sites receive more than 95% of the attention, and I'd bet that women over 40-ish would be more open than someone younger (not just for you, but for any man). And I have actually seen a few women's profiles over the years where they say they are wheelchair-bound. I'm sure they would be more open-minded.

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