In the correspondence approach do we still need to use the websites?

by Mark

Great information! Thank you. Here is my question: Even if we were to use your method of communication which makes the most sense, would we still need to peruse the websites to select someone to correspond with and then in order to circumvent the potential fraud and cost of translation, and "buy" the ladies data from that website? This could be financially suicidal if (and is in most cases) the romance connection did not formulate and only 1 or 2 letters were exchanged??? What am I missing here please? Thanks again, Mark

Bob's Answer:

I'm not really sure how one would find Russian/Ukrainian women who are seeking a foreign man without the specialized websites. And that "seeking a foreign man" is actually kind of important... Not all Russian/Ukrainian women WANT a foreign man or are open to relocation, so it is very helpful to utilize sites where they are specifically seeking that.

But to your main question about what you may be missing regarding the costs/risks involved with the correspondence approach that I advocate.

IF you are looking at websites who offer pay-per-letter services and/or who sell contact information, you're right: Financial suicide. And it's not only financial suicide for the obvious reason to which you seem to allude (the high cost), but also because sites offering these kinds of services are usually CROOKS, so you often aren't even corresponding with the women with whom you think you're corresponding, but rather only with the agency representative (i.e. criminal).

What you may be missing is that for the correspondence approach that I advocate, I recommend AVOIDING sites that charge by the message OR "sell" contact information!

The way to do it is to use sites where women post their own profiles online and that charge for membership (like Elena's Models, Russian Cupid, and Ukraine Date).

With sites like that, you pay for a membership period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc., and the longer the membership, the cheaper per month) and can have unlimited contact with unlimited women during that period.

Each of these sites have slightly different programs, but none of them offer pay-per-letter services or sell contact information (you must ask the women directly for the contact details through the site's web-based message system).

Most of their programs average between $15/month and $30/month, which really isn't "financial suicide" any more than

Does that fill in the blanks?

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