Interested in Meeting Russian Women

by Bradley
(Detroit, Michigan)

I feel strongly about getting to know a person before I make a commitment. I also feel that a relationship is 50/50 but I know you Russian women need help getting over to America, so if you are serious then you can fly over at your expense and we can sit down and talk more to get to know each other.

Bob's Answer:

Sorry buddy, but if you are "interested in meeting Russian women", the only real way to do it is to go to RUSSIA. There are countless reasons that what you want as expressed in your post won't work. Here are a few...

1) Russian women can't just fly here. To enter the U.S. they need a visa, and visas for Russians/Ukrainians to enter the U.S. are very rare and very hard to obtain. A "fiancee visa", on the other hand, is almost a sure thing. But to apply for a fiancee visa, you must have met a woman in person and provide LOTS of proof of the meeting, and of your intentions.

2) Even if not for the visa issue, many Russian/Ukrainian women simply don't have the financial resources to be able to do this.

3) According to their cultural beliefs (and most conservative beliefs about courtship throughout world history), it is the role of the man to PURSUE the woman. I'm not completely sure what you mean by your "50/50" comment, but if you mean each person in the relationship is completely equal in role and function, then Russia/Ukraine may not be the best place for you to "shop". Women there want to be PURSUED, VALUED, PROTECTED, CARED FOR. They value chivalry in a man, not a man who says "If you are serious, then buy your own plane ticket and come here".

If that doesn't work for you, you may need to shop locally.

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May 13, 2016
Fake Profiles ! Don't be fooled!
by: Mike

A lot of these Russian/Ukraine woman know that most men here are desperate to meet a beautiful girl that they couldn't possibly meet in the states! So taking advantage of this, they post profiles and set up scamming schemes. Even the dating sites purchase profiles from modeling agencies (which gives the girl her cut) with background information post them and have their people write letters to the guy. The dude thinks he's actually writing to her not Boris in the office and paying bucks for it! So they all win accept the dude paying for each letter! Don't believe me? Pick the hottest girl on the site and pay for a letter 100% she'll respond as long as you keep writing and paying! Ohh! and it won't be direct response to your questions, only vague if any at all! Don't kid yourself and break your heart and the Bank as well making these dating sites rich using fake profiles!

[Bob's Comment:]

Yes, WHEN YOU USE PAY-PER-LETTER sites you're often writing to an agency representative. But there are membership sites where you pay for unlimited contact with unlimited women for a period of time. One needs to exercise caution there too, but there it's rarely the site that is involved in the dark dealing.

But to insinuate that all Russian/Ukrainian dating sites and women are out there just taking advantage of desperate men is more cynical than the reality calls for.

There are MANY "real" women there with sincere intentions, so it is a great place to seek a partner.

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