International calls from Russia

by Boyd

I have been communicating with a Russian lady (or someone who claims to be one!) for a while.

She says she doesn't use Facebook, cannot use Skype (no web cam but that shouldn't be a problem) and that she cannot make international calls from her phone so she will call me from a public phone.

I am very cautious and have not given her my phone number or any other details. However when I've checked scammer sites there is no mention of her or anyone like her.

The bit about not being able to make international calls from her phone doesn't ring true though.

Any comments anyone?

Bob's Answer:

Perhaps surprisingly not everyone uses Facebook. I would know because I'm one of them.

As for Skype, it's believable that she doesn't have a webcam, BUT as you say, that should not matter. Skype with just voice would at least put you in touch by voice. And the very fact that she claims the excuse of not having a webcam would seem to imply that that is the only obstacle (i.e. "I don't have a webcam, otherwise I would talk to you by Skype...")

As for her being unable to make international calls from her mobile phone... sort of... They work almost exclusively on a pre-paid cellular system where inbound calls and texts are free but outbound calls and texts deduct from a balance. So outbound international calls could quickly empty her phone balance.

So her phone probably CAN make international calls, but her balance won't allow.

But I have a question: Why can't you just ask her to send you her mobile number and then you call her? Her reply to that could quickly put her in the "red flag" category.

If she says "I'm sorry, but I don't have a phone", she's lying and you should forget her.

If she says "I can't afford it because international calls are expensive", she's lying and you should forget her.

But if she sends her number and agrees to a call, then she's still in the game.

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