Is Angelika Network still as good as it used to be?

by David

Hi Bob and thanks for this great site!

Several years ago I used Angelika Network (I think it was called Blue Sapphires at the time), and I was very pleased with the results, although it never went beyond the letter-writing phase, since I wound up meeting a woman in the States.

Things have changed for me though, and I thought I would try this again using Angelika Network. I did notice a few things that had me a little concerned though; the first being that they are trying to sell Angelika Network. There is a notice posted on their homepage. They also still have an old notice dated February 2013 saying something about other sites not accepting their emails due to a spam bot. Finally, when doing a search, one option is to narrow your search by women that signed up in a certain month and year. That year only goes up to 2011.

Nevertheless, I wrote to women on the site and received no replies. I understand that happens, but I can’t help but wonder if they are even getting the letters (I always send them registered mail). When I last used the site years ago, I got a response from eight of the ten women I wrote to. Do you still recommended them? Is there a way to track register mail? I know Daisy Bride is affiliated with Angelika Network, but would I still be better off using them since the women I am interested in are listed there as well?

Bob's Answer:

Great question. I really do need to update my review of Angelika Network. The short answer: No, the Angelika Network is not as good as it used to be :-(

It really is kind of sad, in my opinion. As best I understand, sometime around 2010-2012 there was a court battle over the ownership of Angelika Network. Prior to then Shane and Oksana Cook basically ran the day-to-day operation, and they did a GREAT job. But they lost the battle over ownership and the guy that won just doesn't seem give a crap about the business.

He may have been the true brain trust behind the founding of the business model and the collection of affiliate agencies. But Shane and Oksana really made it happen on the day-to-day level (again, this is just how it looks to me).

And now you can easily see how disjointed the web site has become. And many affiliate agencies are either quitting the network or going out of business (which probably best explains why your messages aren't being answered).

I still recommend them, but much more for the tour services. The challenge lately is finding the agency in the city you want to visit.

Daisy Bride in Kiev is awesome (they're an Angelika affiliate).

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