Is corruption rampant in Russia?

by Mark
(Winston Salem N.C.)

Is corruption rampant in Russia?

I can NOT believe what I was told today so I am hopeful someone that really knows Russia will either know a great deal or all of; Yes or No, is the following info crazy or solid?

I have been trying to live in Russia for a few months now. I've been in Russia often from September 2016 to date.

Part of my plan is also to open a business in Russia. However I was given specific information today. Forgoing the name of the source, they are an adult, a Russian citizen, and to date have been a very good source for information. In fact multiple levels and types of information.

However today they told me not to open a business in Russia. I was told that many police officers are black mailing store owners. That a small business would likely be targeted and cops take your money? That other officials also get you in some way as well.

That the business becomes a front for illegal sales of other items. And most often your the fall guy and end up with huge fines or prison.

So to close quickly here and be to the point. The source made it sound like the law is equal to the Mob? I do NOT believe this, but maybe we will receive some solid answers?

Bob's Answer:

Man, that's a little "above my pay grade"!

Without necessarily identifying the source, can you at least state the nature of the source? Is he/she a government official? Your fiancee's parents' neighbor? A web forum?

I would certainly find more than one expert on the matter.

Of course Russia and much of the former Soviet Union has the reputation of corruption you describe. I guess I just don't know the extent of it.

And I would have to guess that the nature of the business affects the answer to this question. If you're talking about a brick-and-mortar operation - like a shoe store on Main Street - the answer may be different than if you are establishing some kind of web-based business.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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Corruption in Russia Question
by: Anonymous

It would be a small brick and mortar type business.

The source is a normal Russian Citizen. A personal acquaintance/associate.

This is the first time I've been surprised about anything he has told me. I've known him 6-7 months.

This topic is above my pay grade also. So; maybe someone will contribute some good info. Location in Russia is Stavropol. Source has lived there many years. Maybe he knows something. Maybe I'll rethink my trust level with this guy. He was offering to help w/same business. Now he's talking out of both sides of his mouth. Red Flag.

I think we let this lay. Maybe not a good topic to pursue for time management. Again maybe someone will contribute info. Thanks for this, the site here, and that opportunity so this is out there for possible feedback.

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