Is it difficult for a Russian Woman get a US Visa as a tourist?

by George W
(Tampa, Fl)

I have been communicating with a Russian beauty for a month and have been wondering about her visiting the U.S. during her vacation from work.

Bob's Comment:

It is not impossible, but it is rare that a single Russian woman would be granted a tourist visa to the U.S. But either way it is a VERY BAD IDEA. Easily more than 95% of the scams I hear about are Russian women who say they either have, or can get, a tourist visa, and all she needs is for you to pay for it, or to pay for her flights, or whatever.

The ONLY reasonable, intelligent way to pursue this is for YOU to visit HER in her city. I know, it's inconvenient, you can't get off work, etc., but it really is the only way to do it.

Read my section on Russian Dating Scams and all the pages it links to.

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