Is it normal for Ukrainian women to say she doesn't have internet or Skype? Doesn't everybody have internet access in Ukraine and Russia?

by Francis
(Montreal Canada)

I'm corresponding with a beautiful 26 year old Ukranian woman from Cherkassy with a 6 year old kid. It's the very beginning of the "getting to know each other" phase. Of course she seem very serious. She doesn't speak English very well, but that doesn't bother me at all. Like you said, the language barrier shouldn't be a problem and it takes 3-4 months to learn a language. But I asked her to go on Skype and she said that she doesn't have internet access from her old computer at home. Is this normal? I mean she's able to write e-mail so she has a internet connection somewhere. I'm thinking maybe she wants to avoid Skype. Should I be aware of a possible red flag? She wants to have a phone meeting...

Bob's Answer: Internet isn't nearly as widespread in Russia and Ukraine as it is here, so it is possible that this is on the level.

Maybe you can just ask her, "So if you don't have internet at home, where do you use the internet to email me? Do those computers have webcams?..."

It's good that she wants to talk by phone. If she said she didn't have a phone, I'd say she was DEFINITELY lying, but I'm just not that confident about her Skype access.

Hope that helps!

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