Is it possible for a Canadian citizen to bring a Russian woman to Canada with her children?

by Francis
(Montreal, Canada)

I have two daughters on shared custody and i think it's easier to understand each other when both people have children.

I know there will be some procedure in Canada for being responsible for both of them (the lady and her children), but I want know if she'll be able to bring her kid out of her country. The reason why I prefer someone with a kid is cause I'm not sure i want more kids. Often women with children don't want more because they're already satisfied.

Thank you

Bob's Answer: I'm from the U.S. and the rules may be a little different, but I am very sure that you can, and that Canada's visa and immigration rules are much easier than those in the U.S.

In the U.S. the only requirement for support is that for each visiting or immigrating person, a citizen files an "Affidavit of Support" which basically assures the federal government that one has the resources to support the people visiting/immigrating such that they will not become a cost to the public. But the government's standards aren't very hard to meet. It depends on the number of people you are sponsoring, but here if one earns more than around $20000-$25000 per year, he qualifies.

As far as a Russian woman being allowed to bring her children out of their country, the only possible problem is that the children's father must give his permission. In Russia, however, most divorced men don't maintain relationships with their children. But their permission is still needed, and can sometimes be "bought", if you get my drift.

The Russian government doesn't stop anyone from leaving.

Does that answer your question?

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