Is it possible to get random emails from these women

by Melissa

My husband gets these emails every so often from foreign women wanting a relationship. They say they found his email on a dating agency but he knows he's NOT on one! They keep saying they will reply with photos if he replies back to their letter.

Is this just common everyday spam that comes in everyone's email? Is it possible to get these kinds of emails and be 100% innocent in the matter? He can't make them stop. All the emails sound extremely similar and the emails the women send are too sweet and lovey when they dint even know the person.

Bob's Answer:

Hi again... Did you see my answer yesterday at Random emails by Russian women??

Yes, it is entirely possible that this is everyday spam/scam and your husband can be completely innocent. It's not THAT common, but I know long-happily-married guys who received exactly these messages who had never visited a dating site, let alone an international dating site.

Of course someone who IS on a dating site, especially if that site specializes in international connections, it's almost a certainty that one would get those messages from time to time.

If this is the only "suspicious" thing, and there are no strange credit card charges, etc., it's almost surely just random spam.

I will tell you this: A lot of foreign dating sites charge credit cards with a slightly cryptic description, like "DM LLC" instead of "" that would jump out on a credit card statement.

So if you see charges like that that you don't recognize, ask. If he starts saying "Um, uh, well..." a lot, then dig a little deeper.

Oh, if you or he reply to these emails you're essentially verifying to them that they have a real email address and this will probably result in more of the same kind of spam/scam.

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