Is it really possible to determine 'Chemistry' with the Correspondence Approach?

by Francis

Like you, I truly believe that the correspondence approach is the best. But I'm just worried that I won't have chemistry once there (if I don't see many pictures). We agree that the individual approach is less good then the correspondence approach for many reasons, like the Russian women feel cheap...). But the BIGGEST advantage I see in the individual approach is that you can see right away if you have physical attraction or chemistry with the women you meet (so no wasting time). And that is kind of important. Interior beauty is number one on my list but we can't ignore physical attraction... Right? I've been on dating sites since last September. If I have no serious potential women before next April 2013 on correspondence approach, I want try the individual approach. You say that Angelika is the best. I tried to see the possibilities for individual tours on their site but there's not much information. I checked on AFA and it's much more clear. My question is: Is Angelika really the best for individual tours or I can also check AFA or other you think are good?

Bob's Answer:

Great question, and from your question it's clear that you understand the ups/downs of each approach to meeting Russian women.

Unfortunately it looks like both AFA and AngelikaNetwork have changed a bit since I've last dealt with them.

First AFA. Are you sure that you read about AFA's INDIVIDUAL Tours? I ask because AFA doesn't offer an "Individual Tour" per se. They DID have this "Euro Club" program that most resembled an Individual Tour, but their page describing that is pretty hard to find now. It used to be linked on their home page, but it isn't any more. It was also a link on each woman's profile so that you could click something like "Visit me using the Euro Club Program". None of those links are there any more. Now you have to GOOGLE "Euro Club A Foreign Affair" to find, so I wouldn't even be confident that it is even offered any longer. And, as I mention in my AFA review, this Euro Club program is exorbitantly priced for what you get.

But with AFA's Group Tours you do get unlimited personal introductions to women in the tour city on their site. So that makes it a bit like an individual tour. Just go to the "Socials" when/if you could not arrange one-on-one dates during the time slot of the socials.

And as you can read in my A Foreign Affair/AFA Review review, I thought the group tour was fun, and a great way to get your feet wet with that Russia/Ukraine travel. And, if you knew how to do it in advance (unlike me when I did it), you could basically use it as an individual tour. BUT, have you checked the PRICES on AFA group tours?! They are EXPENSIVE! Just click on their tours links. For barely more than HALF their price you could easily visit any of their tour cities and meet just as many women.

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