Is for Real?

by David


I have been a member of - do you have any knowledge of them?

Around the middle of November, something big happened with all their Moscow women - all their activity ceased - about 400 profiles in all! Though about a dozen Moscow women each wrote me several times per week, I only corresponded with one of them. Yet all their combined letters just stopped around November 10th! Their profiles remain, yet their profile activity lights never turn on. The agency is pretending nothing is wrong, yet it is obvious the Moscow women are missing in action. The woman I corresponded with - we had a chemistry that I would like to explore further, but the agency is of no help - my guess is that they let their Moscow contracts expire.

Perhaps it is more expensive to operate a site in Russia than in Ukraine where most of their members are located.

The woman I corresponded with is somewhat well known as a niche model, her manager handles all of her social media, and now I am wondering how I can re-contact her: do you have any suggestions?

Sorry to bother you with questions that are not exactly the type associated with the purpose of this questioner. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Bob's Answer:

Most of the time you're writing to someone on a pay-per-letter (pay-per-chat, pay-per-video-call, etc.) it's fraudulent. The exact details vary, but in the end the girls are paid to keep the communication going. They can either be staff people writing on behalf of the model pictures on the site, or it can be the girls themselves writing but paid to do so (either salary or a share of the letter revenue they generate).

So why all the Moscow girls disappeared? Who knows. Same for how to get in touch with someone outside the Russianlovematch system.

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