Is she real, sincere and honest?

by Nick
(Phoenix, AZ)

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Is she real, sincere and honest? I have been corresponding with a Ukrainian woman until few days ago through personal email.

It all started at

She has sent me over 40 pictures of herself and her family in the period of one month. She says she's deeply in love with me.

When I asked her for her phone number and home address, she gave it to me. I called her and spoke to her 5 times to make sure she's real. But when she asked me to pay for her expense to come to the US for a week and to be together, I did not pay.

I asked her over the phone if this is a "scam", she responded telling about how her family values and morals and she's not scamming me. All she wanted is to be with a "real man" to start a family. She's worried that she may not have the opportunity because she's almost 30 years old. She asked me again to pay for her visa and the round trip ticket, but when I said I won't and that true love needs more time and that I am planning on visiting her some time in October of this year, she said she could not wait and it's better if we meet in the US.

When I still would not pay. She decided to end our one month "relationship." Is she real, sincere and honest?

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RE: Is she real, sincere and honest?
by: Bob (Site Owner)

No. She is not real, sincere, or honest. She's 100% scam, 100% guaranteed.

1) She can't just get a visa. It's hit-or-miss, mostly miss for young, single women. She knows this.

2) NO real/sincere/honest Ukrainian or Russian girl will ever be "deeply in love" purely from letters, pictures, and a few phone calls before a real meeting.

3) If she was real/sincere/honest she would be happy to see you in Ukraine in October.

I looked at that site, Frankly it looks a LOT like, another free site. I'm guessing they are related. Maybe one is a re-brand of the other.

Either way, since it's a free site there are two things that are sure:

1) The site itself isn't orchestrating the scam as is nearly always the case with pay-per-letter sites.

2) Individual scammers will be there and you'll need to be ready to weed them out.

Do other users a favor... Go to your girl's profile and click the "Report Abuse" link. It will surely prompt you to enter some details, but it's REAL SIMPLE: She asked for money, and that's almost certainly a violation of the terms of use.

Glad I checked
by: Nick

Thank you. I'm glad I check and wise enough to not send any money.

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