Is the Individual Tour approach to meeting Russian women still very good? Is it that far behind the Correspondence Approach?

by Francis
(Montreal, Canada)

I've read your site in detail and have followed your suggestions. About a month ago I registered on Elena's Models, I did a great profile with great pictures and started my search.

I sent about 25 EOI's (Editor's Note: For the uninitiated, "EOI's" are "Expressions Of Interest" on Elena's Models) and got back 10 positive answers. Of these ten positive answers, I started to message them and I got about 5-6 answers back. I reply to these 5-6 messages and didn't get any response to them.

Now you might think I said something stupid, but I really didn't. I simply said that I was happy in getting to know each other and ask how it is in their country and some more similar stuff. I didn't get any answers back, I'm not sure I understand why!!

Then, I sent them another message that simply said that I was wondering if they were still interested in getting to know each other cause it as been a few days since the last messages and that I didn't want to disturb them if they're not interested anymore. And still I didn't get any replies. So I'm wondering why they don't at least answer back and say politely that they're not interested.

I have to say that I only contacted the 8.5 or 9/10.

But don't worry, I'm new at this and I'm not saying that I'm giving up!

I'm thinking of doing an individual tour approach. You say that the correspondence is the best approach but I feel that to try to get a 9/10 by internet is maybe not the best way. I feel like they're the beautiful women on internet in north America!! They have a lot of choices and are very independent and picky!! So I know you say that the individual tour approach is your second choice from correspondence approach but for meeting a really beautiful russian, wouldn't it be better with the individual tour approach? I mean when you go there, they don't have as many choice as the internet. I'm a 40 years old average to good looking guy, 5'10'' 175 pounds.


Bob's Answer:

Great job so far! It sounds like you really have two questions: (1) Is the Individual Tour approach to meeting Russian women really that bad?, and (2) What am I doing wrong in the Correspondence Approach?

Well, all of the approaches work, but there are many powerful reasons that the Correspondence Approach is the best, ESPECIALLY when pursuing the 8.5+ Russian women.

They ARE often more picky and have more choices, but an agency owner (who provides individual tours) once told me that nearly every time she called a Russian woman to arrange a date with a man visiting during an individual tour, the girl's first question was nearly always, "How many other women is he visiting?"

See the problem? If the answer is "Many", the Russian woman might agree to meet, but she'll start the process feeling a bit cheated, ESPECIALLY if she's an 8.5+.

Imagine if you were a German guy writing to Angelina Jolie online. Sure, Angelina's email box would usually be so full that your email would almost surely never be read. But if Angelina was a really gorgeous women in Kiev instead of the hottest actress in Hollywood pulling down millions of dollars per movie, her inbox might not be that full. And, now imagine that Angelina get's a message from her agency that there's this German guy in town who wants to meet her (while almost surely also meeting 18 other women too).

Given THAT parallel, which approach do you think has the better chance of landing Angelina Jolie?

Russian women are ROMANTICS, and for them to feel that they met their husband on a trip when he was there to meet many other women makes them feel cheated. The Russian women with whom I've spoken REALLY have very negative feelings about this. Now that's not to say it can't or won't work, but it does have that problem.

I personally feel that you're on the right track with the Correspondence Approach, and your statistics are almost exactly what I'd predict... 25 EOI's, 10 positive answers, and 0 continued correspondents. Now time to send out 25 more. My answer regarding what you're doing "wrong"... Nothing. Just be patient!

Before you send your next 25 EOI's, carefully reconsider what you've said in your previous introductory letters and adjust a little. I don't necessarily think you said anything stupid, but there could easily be something very subtle that's causing them to lose interest. And remember, the Correspondence Approach is a NUMBERS GAME. Actually, all approaches are a NUMBERS GAME, but the advantage with the Correspondence Approach is that you can burn through all these "numbers" at a much lower cost each.

Just imagine... On an individual tour those 5-6 who wrote one letter back are the equivalent of the 5-6 who agreed to meet for a date, but ended up fizzling out. Except you didn't spend $3000 and 10 vacation days to get there! With the correspondence approach to meeting Russian women, you can move on to your next "tour" (i.e. your next 25 EOI's) without any additional cost other than two more weeks of time (during which you continue to work and sleep in your own bed).

So when you send out your next 25 EOI's, and handle the positive answers a little differently, you might end up with two who will continue to correspond, and one of them might have Skype.

But then maybe those two will drift away, and you go for 25 more EOI's, and get 14 responses, and THREE of those continue and have Skype, etc.

Anyway, I hope that helps! Keep me posted!

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Really Hot Women
by: Anonymous

Just my 2 cents but really hot women in the 9 to 10 range are a rare and valuable commodity. And they know this. And it does not matter whether they are in Russia the US or anywhere else. When they are that hot they are being pursued every day by the Russian men in their area. These men are offering them everything under the sun. And many times lying to them.

Imagine what you would do if you had multiple women pursuing you every day of your life? You would probably be always on the lookout for a better option. You would have to be an exceptional person not to be affected by this amount of attention.

I would just recommend to keep in mind that if you are pursuing 10's you need to really have it together. And I don't mean looks.

I have dated a couple of very attractive Russian women and I can tell you they don't really look for physical looks that much. They are concerned about other things. Such as status, ability to support them, strength, they talk all the time about being a "real man". What does that mean? It means doing what you say, being perceived as successful, little talk and a lot of action. In this case, action is going to visit them soon.

Just curious do you indicate on your profile or in your letters anywhere that you are serious and plan to visit someone in the near future? Like Bob recommends.

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