Is there life for a youngish 73 year old after a 27 year marriage?

by Ted
(York, PA)

I have written 7 Russian women and only one has answered in the seven days since I subscribed to Elena's.

This means 7 expressed interest. My question can one with no hair and wreath of white hair - sort of Santa like - find love and marriage from someone from the East?

My aspect is mostly like Churchill even down to the lineage, namely, British-American. In my opinion, my only plus is that I am sort of proficient in Russian, having studied it since 1965 off and on. The real gist of my question is what do these women want to hear? I am an active lawyer who can make a reasonable living. I was married for 27 years and the divorce hit me like a bolt from the blue. It hit me real hard, but I have 3 great kids, smart and good looking. In my day, I was considered handsome.

The divorce has left me somewhat cynical about American culture and American women. My mother was the last of the great women. She was the family's complete supporter - 8 people - during the depression.

Again, what is a deal killer for these women from the East? I have avoided at all cost any duplicities. Hope to hear from you. Again, I am only directing most of my EOIs to mainly to those in their 40s to 60s. I do not expect to nail a 30 year old. If they don't answer within about 5 days or so should I write again. I am an impatient person but do not consider myself needy. I have enough to do in my life without, I hope, seeming desperate.

Bob's Answer:

About your Elena's Models "response rate"... Elena's Models is "real world" unlike many other sites where all the hottest, youngest women are interested even before they see one picture of you. Not everyone you write will reply. When I've written I don't remember a great response rate either.

With Elena's Models I'm not even sure you can send a follow up message. The "IMBRA" law (which you probably have seen on Elena's Models) mandates that before the site allows you to communicate with a woman, she must first see your "disclosure" and agree to receive messages from you. But this works with the advice I would have given anyway... One message, and if they don't reply better to just try others. It's a numbers game.

As for what they want to hear... I'm guessing that you're asking why they aren't responding and what you may adjust in your "marketing" to get better responses, right? I could not find any your profile on Elena's Models (based on the criteria you have used to identify yourself). If you wish, send me a link to your profile using the "Contact Me" form and I'll let you know if I see anything that might be hindering you. There are things in one's profile text or pictures that can sometimes be adjusted for better results.

As for whether a 73 year old man can find love in the East, I think yes. I just logged into Elena's and searched for women and put my age as 70 and got more than 150 search hits. Note that on the search screen near the bottom you can specify "Your Age". That will be a very helpful feature for you. Just plug 73 there and all the results will be women whose age preferences do not rule you out. And for you I would recommend putting 65 in that box. This is not a value that ever appears to the women, it only specifies that you are searching for women OK with a guy of 65. I recommend using 65 because if you are as you describe, most likely any woman who says she's seeking men 45-65 will probably be OK with you.

And although your age may limit your options, I would think that you have a lot else going for you that give you a really big advantage with those women who are open to a man you're age. Two things jump out at me...

1) Your "settled-ness". Russian/Ukrainian women are REALLY big on responsible men who "take care of business". Your financial situation combined with your respectable career I think will be big sellers. IMPORTANT CAUTION: Be careful in how you choose to present your "financial stability". Many Russian/Ukrainian women have a perceptions of life here that don't match reality, so it is important to choose terms to describe your status that leave less room for misunderstanding. For example, if you say you are "well-to-do", a Russian/Ukrainian woman may expect a beach house and 3 months of world travel per year.

2) Your RUSSIAN language skills are going to be a HUGE factor, in my opinion. It quadruples your search base... In other words, you are far less limited to seeking English-speaking Russian women.

I have heard (though my lack of Russian language skills prevents me from verifying) that the Russian women whose English skills are weakest are often far nicer and have better character. And that makes a lot of sense, much in the same way that the whole Russian/Ukrainian women thing works so well for Western men: Supply and Demand. Western men seek Russian/Ukrainian WHO SPEAK ENGLISH, so those women who speak English are in FAR higher demand than those who don't. This often makes those who don't speak English more appreciative of attention from men and less spoiled.

I think if you are realistic about your prospects (i.e. seeking over 40 year old women) your prospects are pretty good.

I hope that helps! Good luck.

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