Is there such a thing a proof of support money before being able to leave russia?

by Marty
(Westmont IL)

After many months of correspondence with a Russian woman she was prepared to make a flight to the US. She had all the required documents such as passport, physicals and visas. When she was about to enter her flight, she was told she needed proof of support of $3000. Is there really such a thing? I have heard all she really would need is an affidavit of support.

Bob's Answer:

Well, to answer only the question asked, no, there is no such thing as a "proof of support" that would be required at the last minute or at the departing airport. Anything along these lines she would have needed to acquire the visa would have been required long before the day of her flight, and probably at the embassy where she acquired the visa.

I'm not sure if you're leaving out important details that might change that answer, but I can't imagine it changing much no matter what. Just think of it... Russia doesn't care where she's going or if she's qualified to go there, so no one at the departing airport would be asking for this. Maybe the airline, especially if it is U.S.-based airline, might want to just verify that she appears to have required paperwork just to avoid the massive hassle at the other end when she arrives, but they don't "enforce" anything.

It's only as she attempts to check in at passport control and customs here that any missing requirements would be a problem.

But, you didn't mention what kind of visa she is traveling on... Your message strongly implies you have never met her in person before. That means she's definitely not coming here on a fiancee visa. So what kind of visa does she have?

It's a fairly common Russian scam for a girl to tell a man that she has the visa and all the paperwork, and just needs help with airfare. Or, she'll even say she's paying for everything, but then at the last minute it turns out that she encounters a cash-flow crisis at the airport and does not have the money to pay the balance on the ticket, OR she'll have some immediate cash need as in this case.

Another one I've heard is that they'll claim that the Russian government requires a cash deposit before allowing her to leave Russia in order to ensure her return. If that's what your girl tells you in follow up clarifications, it's pure BS.

Hope that helps!

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