Is this a good site that I can trust?

by John
(Billings, MT. USA)

I have been communicating with women off and on for a couple years using a dating site called Russian Women Now. It says the site is Powered by 1st International Marriage Network.

I've had various reasons to think it might be a scam site. I am very skeptical about these things anyway, but there are also things that make me think it is real and at least some of the women truly represented, and that keeps me from completely giving up on it.

The first and obvious thing that makes me think scam is that it is free to join, but the site charges us guys so much per letter to answer them, with the first one we answer being free to open.

Of course, we can send them an unlimited number of letters free of charge. When I look up Russian women dating sites and reviews, I cannot find this one mentioned. The email notifications I get from them EVERY DAY indicating that I have letters and/or smiles from various women list the sender as The email notifications say: You've got new mail on Anyway, please, is there even an actual dating site by this name, and if so, can it be trusted?

Bob's Answer:

From your description, and from the sites themselves, these are pay-per-letter sites (pay-per-video-chat, pay-per-call, etc. all are the same). You can read much more of what I say about these kinds of sites at the links below (in the actual posted questions and answers), but the shortest answer is that if you are paying by the letter, it is a scam. It is the simplest, easiest, most obvious advice I can give.

Almost always in such cases the women are not sincere. Either the agency is writing on their behalf (with or without their knowledge) or the woman is writing you directly, but she is receiving a share of that letter revenue.

Here are the links... I have answered this very question in much greater detail a number of times in these posts:



Hope that helps!

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