Is Top Tour really a travel agency and can I contact them directly?

by KC
(Illinois )

I've been talking to a Russian girl named Olga and she wants to come to America to stay. I told her that would be great but I couldn't pay for any of it. After a couple weeks she said she went through all the steps but was $450 short and I said sorry I didn't have enough information on her or facts to give any money. She then gave me the Top Tour email address and what appears to be a phone number and said I could get the remaining info of what she already paid. I thought for sure it was a scam and then she actually called me on the phone and we only talked for a couple minutes before getting cut off. My cell phone just said unknown caller. Do you know or anyone else know of her?
Is this a guaranteed scam?

Bob's Reply:

This is a guaranteed scam.

Let's just start with the first, most inescapable, unavoidable fact: Someone you DON'T KNOW (come on, at least admit you don't know her) has some twisty turny reason they need you to send them unrefundable money.

If that doesn't do it, then lets add that if an allegedly Russian/Ukrainian woman you have never met in person supposedly has (or can get) a visa to come visit you (and WANTS to come visit you), it s a scam. If that much is true I really don't need to know any more.

It doesn't matter that she called you. It doesn't matter that there's some supposed "tour company". Even if you can contact them it's fake. I guarantee it.

If you send the $450, then there will be a "game day" problem... The day of the flight "she" (it's probably really "Boris") will contact you in an urgent crisis saying that they will not let her leave unless she leaves a deposit ensuring her return, or can show cash to demonstrate that she can afford the trip, etc. If you send that, there will be something else.

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101 Scam Foundation
by: Mark

First where did you meet her? I'm guessing she showed up in your email suddenly? Because if she just shows up in your email w/letter to you = (101 Foundation for a Scam)!!

Be warned also their will be more to follow if that's the case. All of the (She emails you 1st) = 101 Foundation for a SCAM .

She likely was not in Russia/Ukraine. She's likely calling from California. State is not important. But you/us (ALL) realizing their in the U.S. already is important. +7, +8, is the numeric prefix to a phone number from Russia! Ukraine maybe different but it's not (1) like normal U.S. numbers. That's why you can't see her number.

The call was for you to hear her submissive Euro sexy accent. A mind game. In her meek distress on phone; She creates an opportunity for you to save the day.

Apparently when you sign up for many Euro dating sites; Someone sells your email addr information. So some advice is; Get a secondary email address before you go onto sites where you meet women. Maybe get a new addr and edit it into your dating info. As I did. And I'm not guessing. I had one just like yours. Federal Marshall in my family looked into her IP Address and she was in C.A. But claiming to be in Russia.

Her talking about Travel Agency is just a spin on the foundation. The Scam is founded in her news flash; She's coming to the U.S. and you are her KNIGHT!

There are ZERO cases where a Travel Agency = a foreign citizen (Russian/Ukrainian woman) can come into the United States. Seriously, next month she will win a visa lottery. After that her B-1 business for her mothers Euro food store will get approved; But she needs you to help her enter the U.S. w/Mom. And she will be forever indebted to her Handsome/Beautiful Hero. YOUR CHECK BOOK!!

Luckily there are 1000's of real, honest, beautiful women for you to meet. Russia/Ukraine and so on. But do FORM a plan to know you know 100% what she tells you is honest. And Travel Agency = Huge Red Flag!!!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

I met her on
I knew it was B.S. I just wanted to know if anyone else heard of her (Olga Titova) or the supposed travel agency.
Thanks for the reply!

by: Bob (Site Owner)

Can you help me understand this? When you say you met her on, do you mean her profile was actually on match and listed as being in Russia? AND was the first communication through match, or did she have her email address coded in her profile (like "write me at anna at yahoo")?

My scammer
by: Anonymous

It was on and said she lived in DeKalb Illinois but could only contact her at a gmail account so yeah it was coded in her profile. I'll give it to you if you'd like.

by: Bob (Site Owner)

Thanks, but no need to provide the email address... the pattern is sufficient.

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