Is and YouAndShe a scam site?

by Rick

I was invited to the site by a woman and I have already spent 10,000 EUR to communicate with her, but I did not see her on the video and did not talk with her, we never met. Each time she found excuses and we canceled the meeting and just talked on the site.

She says that she does not have social networks, although she constantly sends me good quality photos that I definitely like.

I want to be sure that she is not scamming me. Because it all looks like a big SCAM, but I want to believe her and I fall in love with her. I feel embarrassed when I write this, but it’s better to stop paying now than to lose even more money later.


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RE: Is and YouAndShe a scam site?
by: Bob (site owner/author)

Hi Rick

I'm a little confused, you refer to "the site", but you mention TWO sites in your subject line.

Either way, I can probably fill in the gaps :)

To me this looks authentic. It doesn't have any immediately obvious scam features.

The other - - is probably where you've been communicating to the tune of 10,000 EUR. This site screams "Scam" to me... I don't KNOW, but I have a very bad feeling. Adding your actual experience to this feeling seals the deal in my mind.

There are practically NO serious girls in Russia/Ukraine who are looking for a man and don't have social media presence and who won't talk or appear on camera. And the dodges your meeting attempts?!

I strongly advise STOP PAYING!

I hope that helps... let me know if you have follow up questions (just add a comment to this post).

Most Likely YOUANDSHE is a scam
by: Anonymous

I met a lady from Belarus on another very low cost site. She suggested we move to YOUANDSHE. We communicated for about 16 months before I said adios for a number of reasons.

First, she would never appear on video. Said it would ruin the moment when we first met, which is utter nonsense.

Second, when I suggested that we hire a translator from say FIVERR with much more reasonable pricing she wouldn't because said a miss-translation might result in me getting mad and leaving. WHAT?????? I've stuck here for 16 months.

Third, at least three separate tries the syntax and messaging style changed. The messages went from fun and informative to the same old crap every message. What are you doing? I love you? I miss you? etc etc.

Lastly, every time we got close to a point we agreed to meet. She backed out.

After about 12 months I decided to cut back on the length of messages as the pricing is outrageous. She complained about that. After awhile I would message every 3 or 4 days and she would freak out. Tell me was breaking her heart etc etc. I was sooooo important to her that after I didn't respond to her for about 10 days, she never replied again.

I think the site is a gigantic scam and wouldn't drop another dime there. These deals always come back to "if it seems to be too good to be true," IT IS! Sorry you dropped so much money sir.

[Bob's Answer:]

This "invitation-only translation site/service" gag started getting popular a few years ago. You're right to be suspicious. You might want to see what I say at my discussion of Luvvocabulary.

But, reminder every time: If you're paying by the letter, you're being scammed. It's a pretty simple detection!

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