It's not only just White Women, its Muslim Women as well.

by Mohammad
(USA, Orlando, FL)

Dear sir,

I do have to agree with you one hundred percent on your take on western women who are usually white. I know Muslims are a small percentage in the west of its total population but I think Muslim women in western society are far worse.

I have had a terrible time in trying to find a suitable Muslim woman to marry in America (I am 23, and believe this age is the best). The main reason is that I am not a doctor, or an engineer or someone with a really rich father. Doctors and engineers are the high priests of Muslim society, they are treated as saints and everyone has enormously high amounts of respect for them. It's not only because they are rich, Muslims in the west honestly think that a college degree in engineering or medicine makes a person more morally sound. So much, that some say that doctors not only build their homes on earth but also in heaven. They also think that they are better than everyone else who is not a Muslim simply because of the fact that they are Muslims. But believe me they don't follow Islam as well as they think that they do. My mother honestly doesn't ask around for women in families where even one of the members is a doctor or an engineer. She knows that the moment they find out that I am not one they will refuse her offer. Sadly, now it is stretching into the families who don't have either and have pretty daughters. Sadly, doctors and engineers are the only Muslims that I am particularly surrounded by in my area. That doesn't mean that most Muslims are doctors or engineers believe they are not, just like most normal people.

I found this beautiful Muslim woman from the Ukraine on AnastasiaDate and I talked to my mother about it but she refused because of the myth that she will only marry because of my US passport. But she does have a point, many Arab women do the same and in my family my cousin was unfortunate enough to have two men she met on the internet desert her after they got citizenship, they were both Pakistani by the way (I am also Pakistani). But this girl is showing none of the tell tale signs that one of those harpies ever shows. Like she wants me to meet her family and she wants to meet my family and not only that she said that if my mother doesn't agree with it then she is calling it quits. That doesn't sound like someone willing to do anything and everything just to come here. I mean why the hell would she care about my family in the first place if that was her main goal? Her English is terrible I have to use google translate most of the time to talk to her. I highly doubt that she could make it out here as a woman on her own when even being a pizza delivery person requires a good command of the English language. Either she is very clever, or she is honest about it sadly you can never confirm but she does show what I believe as genuine interest. Oh by the way she wanted me to come and visit her because she says she doesn't have money and if she comes here I again highly doubt that she will be able to make enough money to move out, and have a relationship with another man right under my nose without me finding out about it for two years.

Sorry for the long article but I really feel that white women are not the only ones who are like this. Pretty much all women in western society, especially in America, are like this. I live in Orlando, FL USA by the way.

Bob's Answer:

Well, my comments about "local women vs foreign women" weren't necessarily limited to WHITE local women :-) I can easily believe that the basic dynamic holds true across racial boundaries, but I understand your plight!

One of my good friends is a Muslim (immigrant from Iraq 20 years ago) who is a dentist, and I've seen him through two divorces. The explanation you offer really helps me make more sense of his situation because he really seems to have absolutely no trouble finding good Muslim women whose families are happy to marry off their princess to a DOCTOR. This seems consistent with your observations.

BUT - and you should take good notes here - they enter that relationship with insanely unrealistic expectations of what being married to a DOCTOR is like, and they end up extremely unhappy, and end up divorced because they thought he was stingy and tight. The fact is after dental school and setting up a practice, he's probably a quarter million USD in debt and has a relatively new practice without a full schedule of patients. He's not "stingy", he just has cash-flow challenges like any small business. It looks a lot better from the outside :-)

The reason you want to take good notes of this is that the same problem OFTEN exists between American men and Russian/Ukrainian women. In other words, many of them have an unrealistic image of life in America. No matter what you tell them before they come over, the IMAGE is burned in their mind that they are making a substantion UPGRADE in standard of living and material blessings! When the reality hits them, they are miserable. This was EXACTLY my experience.

This is not the same as saying they "just want you for your U.S. Passport". They may really like you, and may have all sincere motives of just settling down and having a family, and may not be SEEKING this "upgrade". But they just think it will be better than it is and are disappointed when it isn't what they pictured. Just like local Muslim women think that marrying my dentist friend will provide them a life free financial challenges and constraints. Not all women (either Russian/Ukrainian women marrying Westerners or local Muslim women marrying doctors) will have this problem, but it is not rare.

I also know through my acquaintance with my Muslim friend the natural skepticism/cynicism they have for this whole Russian/Ukrainian women thing (I get it from him... "they're all prostitutes looking to come to America" :-) I suspect it may be partly cultural and maybe you're young enough to not be as influenced by that way of thinking.

As for your lady, the one thing that concerns me GREATLY is "AnastasiaDate". Have you read my review of that site? If not, see AnastasiaWeb/AnastasiaDate.

Anyway, thanks for the GREAT post!

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