Your article is written very well. Women in the United States do not take care of themselves as they once did. I live in Palm Beach County, Florida and often meet with some male friends for coffee at the local Starbucks. We notice that when American women can not seem to get any larger, an even bigger female walks by. They dress in sweat outfits or shorts because regular clothes will not fit. Often times the hot ones , are from Europe or South America. You can tell that they take much greater pride in how they look. So, I would agree with you. Generally it seems as though American women have stopped trying to please the male population. The United States has the largest female population, percentage wise, of lesbian or bisexual women. So not only are they getting fatter but I have seen them together as partners. They expect the male population to accept this as the new norm. Sorry, I for one will look where it is still considered the norm to be feminine, Eastern Europe.

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