Just wanted to say thank you!

by Galina
(Western Europe)

I'm owner of marriage agency in some small Western-European country. (ex-Angelika local office, by the way)

I know all the things you are writing about, and I admit, that you are the first who gathered all the information and wrote the readable tutorial on Russian women scams.

Almost every month we help new American or Australian man with broken heart and empty pockets stuck somewhere in the hotel on the border where nobody speaks English. I tried to warn some of them, but nothing helps if he is in a rush to propose to his dream.

So just wanted to say thank you. I hope you will prevent some people from mistakes.

Best regards,
Galina Pinchuk

Bob's Comment:

Thanks for your gracious compliments!

You didn't leave an email when entering your post. Are you from www.ladyfrombelarus.com?

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