K-1 risk managment?

by Mark
(North Carolina)

My family and I are looking for information about the flow of documentation for a K-1?

I've talked with attorneys. Later in the K-1 process I understand things like, Birth Certificates of Sponsors, and their Tax Returns will be required? Makes sense that supporting documentation will be needed to assure the safety of anyone from another country.

I think the only way to learn how these sensitive documents are handled is to ask here. As you've experienced this. We have the basic fears anyone would. What if the information is not protected properly?

Do you know; If I can take such supporting documents to her interview and assure there safety? Or will we have to mail or fax in this personal information? Do you have any idea what we should expect please?

Thanks, maybe I was misinformed by the attorney? But I got the same information on this from two. And neither know for sure what entity in the K-1 process ask for such documents. Just that they will be needed. We're using multiple sponsors also. So any changes in immigration won't hit us mid stream. Like family/household income. Thanks, no one wants to be 4 months in and have to start over or get grid locked.

Bob's Comment:

When I did this I spent a LOT of time at the Visa Journey forum.

When you click "Guides" at the top you get to US Immigration & Visa Guides. And there you should click and read all the links under "Guides if you are engaged".

Another forum is helpful... The K1 Journey.

So there it is... all the steps!

Those pages describe where/when tax returns are used, what she brings with her to interview, etc.

As for ensuring safety, I'm not too sure what you mean.

As for protecting sensitive information, I'm sure it's the same as when you file your tax returns. When you are applying for a fiancee visa, you are asking the government (same government that processes your tax returns) to allow her into the country for you. You can't avoid sending that sensitive information, so if you want to pursue a foreign woman those are the risks.

I would really recommend spending a lot of time on those sites referenced above.

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K-1 risk managment?
by: Mark

In the last month or so; I've learned that tax returns, and all other documents related to financial sponsorship are requested by the United States (State Department).

Of course this is the point where household income is reviewed by the U.S. Government. In my case I ran into a lot of misleading information. Which raised many concerns. The simple answer to all these type of concerns is to call the USCIS. Do not read and believe information from other sources 100%.

[Bob's Answer:]

You're definitely right, the USCIS (whether on their website or on the phone) is the most official and accurate information. It's just not always easy to interpret, and sometimes others who have actually done it can shed some light.

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