Key For Love

by Daren
(Utah, USA)

Is a reputable site to have translate Russian letters? I have had a Skype call with a woman, I see she is real but I wonder if she is in business with the site? I have written to her for over a year... never met her.

She tells me she does not have Instagram or Facebook because she is not interested in social media. She is a model however and sends me many pictures...nothing nude, in fact she won't allow me to see her naked and I appreciate her values. We have spoken about meeting in her city or mine, both are options but have not happened. She has sent me pictures of herself in magazines...I have seen the magazine itself..and music videos she is in too.

I know all this probably sounds like a scam... But somehow, her values have me thinking maybe she's real? There is something about the way she is...even though all this screams of a scam...she is meek, mild, gets angry at me, doesn't just kiss my ass ya know?

I feel foolish if I've been scammed but better I stop paying for translation now than keep losing money. I can provide you with her name...the one I really like, if that would help?


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Reply to Daren - Key for Love
by: Bob (Site Owner)

I'm sorry to be the Grim Reaper here, but every single thing in your story rings of fraud (which is why I moved the post from "Advice" to "Scams").

First, see these two older posts (in this order):

  1. Luvvocabulary
  2. Reply from Luvvocabulary

Now note the similarity between Key for Love and Love Vocabulary.

YES, I know, "Luv Vocabulary" claims they are not the same as "Love Vocabulary", but the denial doesn't hold water.

So, for starters, to me the site is highly suspect as it is definitely closely related to (if not identical to) another suspect site.

But you haven't said much about how you and the girl got to this site. You say you use to translate letters, but is it the site where you met? If not, how did you find

If the answer to this is that you met on another site, had trouble communicating because of the language barrier, and she suggested, then it's a scam, 100% sure.

Do you pay for each letter and Skype call? If so, that increases the odds of scam (I know, if odds are already 100% not much room for increase!).

Now when you add that she's not on social media I seriously just don't buy that.

So, in conclusion all my instincts scream SCAM. Sorry.

Key For Love is 100% SCAM!!!!
by: Anonymous

Read this link carefully:

I have posted some articles about
Those scammers have many names for always the same website. keyforlove for example.



!!!!! IT IS SCAM !!!!!

[From Bob:]

I've addressed these "translation" sites before... supposedly they aren't agency sites, but purely translation sites. A girl who already uses the service can invite you to communicate there because it provides translation. But even though it is SUPPOSEDLY not an agency or pay-per-letter site, it IS a pay-per-letter site. ANY TIME you are paying for every message you send/receive, you're probably being scammed. If you need human translation, FIND YOUR OWN TRANSLATOR and pay him/her directly. You should never use a site or a translator suggested by the girl unless you already know her VERY WELL!

Good information in that link, by the way!

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