Kherson Girls - Review

Kherson Girls is both a local agency based in Kherson and a small network of agencies throughout Ukraine. They are often rated as an honest agency.

My direct experience with this agency has been fairly limited (see below), but from what I read on their site, just about every service they offer is priced well above competitive rates.

And best of all, if you want the direct contact information for their Ukrainian women clients, it's $60.00 USD!!! They say it's $20-$60 and that the actual price is stated on each lady's profile. Well, I perused several pages of profiles and all of them were $60 except one, which was $50. BUT, if you are an American, there's an additional $15 charge for the IMBRA documentation.

PLUS... in order to obtain the direct contact information for their Ukrainian women clients, you need to ask the girl's permission for it to be released, and you must make this request through their letter service (which tacks at least an additional $10 to the cost of her contact information).

Chances are good the girl won't answer the question about releasing her contact information on the first try and you will need to ask again in another letter for yet another $10.

So if you are an American man wanting direct contact information for a Ukrainian woman in the Kherson Girls agency, it will probably cost you a MINIMUM of $85, very likely more! Does that sound a little insane to anyone?

Now I don't want the contact information for Ukrainian women so that I can stalk them or anything like that, I just want to know that I at least have some means of contacting the girl directly without the agency controlling everything. This is one of the cardinal rules of scam defense... always use multiple forms of contact! But when they make it this impossible, it makes me worried that they have something to hide.

And in addition to all that is said on their website, I have had a little experience of my own with this agency that left me very suspicious.

I have had an experience with Kherson Girls where a really attractive, very young (21) girl from Odessa wrote me saying she wanted to get to know me better. Unlike some networks, Kherson Girls allows you to read letters for free and they only charge you to send messages. Well, I replied, and she replied. But then it occurred to me that my profile on Kherson Girls is marked "Do Not Display on Site". How did the girl see me to write me? And, how was it that in the two years my profile was in their system and marked "Do Not Display" no one else wrote me? Further, my profile never had any pictures posted on it.

If you are over 40 and have ever put a profile on a site like, who replied to your profile? Was it the 22 year old, 5'10", 125 lb. model, or the much more "regular looking" 35 year old with one or two children? Even if you get some replies from younger girls, the majority will come from 30+, more "regular", "real" types (not models, actresses, etc.).

Well, given that pattern, how is it that the first reply I got on Kherson Girls (to my invisible profile that never had any pictures posted) came from a beautiful, slender, tall 21 year old? I replied requesting her permission for the agency to release her contact information and she never answered that question. Surprise, surprise. I contacted the agency to inquire how a girl could reply to my "invisible" profile, and to ask for some reassurance that this correspondence was genuine. They forwarded my email around, promised to research it, and it turns out that Kherson Girls uses "sub-agencies" who use "sub-agencies", etc., and no one could offer any convincing assurance that my correspondence with this girl was authentic.

If you read Kherson Girls' website, you will see that it was founded and is owned by Kevin Hayes, who claims he is a retired dot-com millionaire who doesn't do this business for the money. You'll probably also occasionally read how they are disappointed because so many of their beautiful and sincere ladies are not getting any attention, and how this disappoints them because these ladies are their friends, and so on. For an agency with such supposedly altruistic and honorable motives, they sure have the highest prices, the most restrictive, and most customer-repelling policies in the business.