Kiev Ladies

by Nick
(Valdosta, GA)

I have seen on your website that you say to avoid Kiev women. Would you say this is more of a guideline? I am in my mid 50s and am looking at women 37-52. Many attractive ones list Kiev as their location. I don't know if women put Kiev to attract more men thinking it would be easier to meet them. I also don't know if they are from Kiev (the city) or perhaps they live in the metropolitan area in general.

What about Kiev women in their 40s who seem sweet and down-to-earth with maybe at best an intermediate knowledge of English? Would you say they are fair game? Worth a shot? Or do you stick to the idea of women from smaller places?

Do you have the same view of women from larger cities like Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk? They are large but are certainly secondary to Kiev. Maybe they are more down-to-earth? More traditional?

Would you say it is best to avoid women from Eastern Ukraine (Lugansk, Donetsk) and from Crimea as they may be more inclined to be seeking a way out at this time?

Bob's Answer:

Wow, I'm going to have to find that place on my site where I say to avoid Kiev women... Seriously, I just searched for it and can't find anything like that. No matter. I do know one thing I wrote that could be interpreted that way and I'll just address that...

But first let me set the record straight: I totally freakin' LOVE KIEV!

BUT, and this is probably what you're referring to, Kiev women vs smaller Ukrainian city women is pretty much NYC/LA women vs Memphis/Birmingham/Tulsa women. It's not quite that severe, but that's the best analogy.

A REALLY attractive woman in Kiev could end up being Miss Universe, a Cosmo Magazine cover model, or the next leading lady in a James Bond movie, but that same woman on the streets of Nikolaev may not even think of herself as all that attractive (and consequently, she would be that much more accessible). Basically, a "big city girl" sees foreigners all the time and is just not going to be as easy to impress (i.e. they have higher, perhaps unrealistic standards).

BUT Kiev is a city with more than three million people in the greater metro area, and it would be crazy to pigeonhole such a large population as all being spoiled big city girls.

And, yes, definitely, the higher you're willing to go on the age scale, the better your chances of finding someone with more down to earth expectations and values.

AND add to all that the fact that traveling to Kiev has 1/10th the "degree of difficulty" as that of traveling to any other Ukrainian city, especially for one who has never been to Russia or Ukraine before.

I'm pretty sure most women who say "Kiev" mean "Greater Metro Area", and my guess would be that MOST women from Kiev are from the burbs, but it's really all still the same. There are at least a dozen actual cities within a 20 mile radius of Independence Square, like Boryspil, Vasilkov, and Irpin. Girls from those cities will usually just put "Kiev".

But having addressed the pros of Kiev, there is a lot to be said for the smaller cities. It's a LOT harder to get there, a lot less "up-to-date" with amenities, and far fewer people speak any English... BUT, that's the exact reason the choices there can be better.

As for other larger non-Kiev cities like Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk... I've spent time in Kharkov and Poltava. Kharkov is Ukraine's second largest city with 1.7 million (metro area), and Poltava has a population of 300,000 (relatively small). Women from both those cities seemed to me to be a lot more easy-going ON AVERAGE than women in Kiev.

As for Eastern Ukraine and Crimea... I'm not very sure, but I have always found it dangerous to assume that women in places where life is hard are more motivated to get out. It makes a certain logical sense, but I've never really observed it in real life. And if you think about it, ALL of Ukraine is pretty hard, very economically challenged. Yet still the women there have self respect and standards that prevents them from just seeking a way out. I'm not saying that doesn't exist, just that it's not that prevalent.

I hope this helps. Please post comments to this post if you have any follow up questions or comments.

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Women from Kiev
by: Dale

I would agree with Bob. I just returned from Kiev, and would have to add that many women who live in Kiev now are really from smaller towns, but they came to the city for a job. So its a mix.

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