Live in Ukraine!

I live in Ukraine now. I've mentioned this in passing on a few pages, posts, and comments on this site, but I have never gone fully into it. But before getting into that, let's recap a few key concepts we've previously covered on this site...

Ukraine is simply the best place on earth to search for a girlfriend/wife

If you're reading this you probably mostly already accept that Russia and Ukraine are great places to look for a partner. See Why Russian Women? on this site, but I'll recap here. I'll focus on Ukrainian girls as that's where I am living now.

There are a LOT of GORGEOUS single women EVERYWHERE in Kiev and there simply aren't enough single men to go around. Look at those pictures scattered throughout this page (including in that banner ad in the right margin). That's NORMAL, EVERYDAY stuff here. Actually it's really more like "EVERY HOUR" STUFF on most days.

And it's so common that it's not even that big a deal. Local guys notice, but they don't care.

In fact, in the ebook I tell one story of a 17 year old Ukrainian guy I know. He once told me that he wouldn't tolerate a girl being more than 5 minutes late for a date. I told him that he was probably going to end up adjusting that. He said, "I've thought about this, and there are plenty of beautiful girls, so if one of them didn't treat me right I would just get another one"!

YES, THAT is how it is SUPPOSED TO BE!

While there are bad seeds everywhere, with the crazy supply of beautiful women if you just use your head you can easily find one that is down to earth, intelligent, and would give any good man a real chance. And if you do find a real bitch, "there are plenty of beautiful girls, just get another one"!

Little side-thought here... This is also why many very attractive girls AREN'T BITCHES! They know the supply/demand dynamic in Ukraine would weed them out of the gene pool if they're too difficult.

OK, OK, so Ukraine is THE place to search. But HOW? First let's recap some approaches to this mission we have already mentioned elsewhere on this site.

The conventional approaches to meeting Ukrainian women

The main approaches for meeting Russian and Ukrainian women have been The Tour Approach., The Correspondence Approach, and the hybrid Modified Correspondence Approach.

You can read my best overview of these approaches at How to Meet Russian Women.

As you know if you've read much of this site, I've done ALL THESE. They all work, but they most often work after you've been at it for a while, made many trips, and spent a lot of money.

A REALLY FOCUSED, reasonable, rational guy has a chance at pulling off a score on the first shot out.
  1. He meets Russian/Ukrainian girls online.
  2. He does a really good job in narrowing his prospects to ONE and building the relationship prior to any traveling.
  3. Then he visits ONLY her and everything goes great.
  4. He visits again a half year later and proposes.
  5. She accepts and they live happily ever after.
It's the textbook "correspondence approach". IT REALLY DOES HAPPEN, but rarely does it happen that cleanly. Mostly this is because there aren't that many really focused, reasonable, rational men out there. So usually there is some trial and error involved that results in more trips, more time, more cost.

What is the biggest challenge for the conventional approaches?

No matter how you slice it DISTANCE is a HUGE barrier for most guys who live more than a 4-5 hour flight from Kiev (that's ALL North/Central/South America and Australia to name a few regions).

It can happen, but the distance means that every visit requires taking a week off work, flying 5000+ miles, spending $3000+ on airfare, lodging, food, and entertainment.

Additionally, spending nearly 24x7 with someone you're meeting in person for the first time (even if you've spoken many times on Skype video) just isn't natural and always has a very good chance of killing a new relationship.

In the case of a tour approach where you're meeting many in the span of that week (or so), it's different, but not necessarily better.

With the tour approach, you have a week to have 25 (or so) first dates. Ten of them are going to cancel or no-show. Another five will be instant non-starters for any number of reasons (don't look like pics, personality mismatch, etc.). Another five will immediately rule you out.

Out of the remaining five, two are eliminated on date #2, so you only get third dates with three of your initial 25 girls.

But of those three, two of them want to see you again but have some kind of scheduling conflict that make another meeting impossible prior to your departure date. But they insist that you should keep in touch.

Even if your ONE remaining option was pretty great, there's just NO TIME to build ANYTHING substantial, so you'll need to make another trip in six months after you can replenish your funds for another trip and accumulate another week of time off from work.

AGAIN, it CAN work, but these are not unrealistic scenarios for many men.

If you've ever made trips to Ukraine to meet women on this kind of tour you're thinking "Gosh, yes, that's EXACTLY what happened to me!"

Compared with local dating...

When you meet someone locally (offline) you can actually get to know them a little in your natural context (work, neighborhood, gym, etc.) before you even think about a first date.

And when you want to take it a tiny step further you just say "Hey, wanna meet for coffee tomorrow afternoon? How about 3:30PM at that Starbucks by the blah blah store?" There's no huge investment on the part of either party, so it's relaxed and comfortable, and has a far better chance of succeeding.

If it's a local online thing you start at the coffee date thing, but that's still a heck of a lot more relaxed than costing week of vacation, 5000+ miles of travel, and $3000 of expense!

And in none of these local scenarios do you need to start with "I am looking for a woman for marriage" stamped on your forehead as is at least implicitly the case in meeting someone from another country.

Shoot, the name of the on-the-ground agencies that arrange tours are called "MARRIAGE AGENCIES", not "Casual-Laid-Back-Coffee-Date agencies". You're saying the "M Word" before you even meet someone :)

An all new approach to meeting Ukrainian women: LIVE IN UKRAINE!

ukrainian_woman Given all I've said above, here's an idea: What if you could combine the laid back, low-pressure nature of meeting women locally (offline or online), but "local" was IN KIEV UKRAINE where there is this incredible oversupply of beautiful women?

OK, to avoid any possible misunderstanding let me connect the dots all the way... WHAT IF YOU COULD JUST LIVE IN UKRAINE? What if a first date involved no more than a 10 minute walk to meet at a cafe on Khreschatyk Street (the main drag) and $10 for coffee and cheesecake instead of a week of vacation time, a 5000+ mile trip, and $3000+ in expenses?

The pictures I post on this page are random candid shots that visually illustrate what daily life in Kiev looks like. Pardon the bad photography in some pics - it's not always easy to perfectly frame a stealth candid shot.

And in the case of Kiev, it turns this into a local pursuit in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which conveniently is also one of the least expensive cities in the world to live in.

And if you live in Ukraine for longer periods of time you have more opportunity to assimilate into the culture in such a way that normal, natural interaction with beautiful women is just a perfectly normal part of your life. Of course you can continue to meet women online, but you may not need to.

So, THAT is the new approach: LIVE IN UKRAINE (or at least make longer visits -- at least a few months at a time)!

But SHEESH! Isn't that a little extreme?

Depending on where exactly you are in life and this pursuit, then of course the suggestion that one make long-term visits to Ukraine, or even MOVE THERE, will sound VERY EXTREME.

For example, if you're finding this site because while you were minding your own business and not even searching for women online you suddenly started getting emails out of the blue from some beautiful Russian woman saying she found your profile "on the site". You suspect it's a scam so you did a web search and found this site. If so, read no further. I'll just tell you simply, it is a scam.

OR, you have heard that Russian/Ukrainian women are a good option and have actually engaged in the search and have found this site along your journey. But so far your strategy is to follow a more conventional approach and hopefully hit a hole-in-one (find the ideal wife first time out of the blocks, no detours). GREAT! I hope that works -- and it could.

OR, if you are completely happy with your life, if you LOVE your job, your neighborhood, or there are real, unchangeable obstacles that prevent you from disappearing for extended periods of time, then yes, this is a little extreme, maybe even impossible. You may need to just stick with the other approaches for now.

ukrainian_woman But finding that perfect partner with whom to share life is a pretty big deal, and if you're reading this site most likely you aren't finding it locally. And you're already considering something that most people think is quite extreme.

But if you have ever taken it a step further than just reading and have actually made a trip to Ukraine, most likely you left wishing you had more time there.

I have never met a man who went to Kiev and upon returning home said "Damn, glad THAT'S over... that was WAAAAAY TOO LONG!" For them to live in Ukraine would be a dream come true.

Everyone who goes wants to go again as soon as possible and stay longer. And nearly everyone to whom I present this "Live in Ukraine" idea LOVES IT, and would do it in a heartbeat if they thought they could and knew how.

So, maybe a little extreme, but you know you want to do it, and you know you only have one life to live.

And although it involves reorienting your life in ways to make it more mobile, it is DOABLE!

But HOW?

ukrainian_woman So it makes perfect sense that if you live in Ukraine it would make it much easier to meet Ukrainian women. And every man I have ever met who visited Ukraine wanted to visit again soon and stay longer. And every man who hears this suggestion to JUST LIVE IN UKRAINE would REALLY love to do it. BUT HOW?

Some men have a life that makes such a mission easier than others. They can be away from home for weeks or months without any problem. But for most men there are a few hurdles to clear:
  • "What will I do with my house?"
  • "What will I do with my car?"
  • "What about my dog/cat?"
  • "Where will I live?"
  • "How will I get money? What would I do for work there?"
  • "How can I get months off from work without losing my job?"
  • "How can I possibly afford that?"
  • "How can I get around in Kiev? Won't I need a CAR?"
  • "I don't speak Russian... How will I get by without it?"
  • "What about mail? What if I miss something important?"
If you have sensed that I seem to speak of all this from some experience, it's because I've made this leap! I'm writing this FROM KIEV, UKRAINE where I have been living since late 2016!!

ukrainian_woman And since many of the challenges I faced in making my life more mobile would probably have some overlap with the challenges you would face, I WROTE THEM ALL OUT FOR YOU in the ebook Live in Ukraine!

I answer all those questions posed above. But that's really only the beginning. You may not even need the answers to THOSE questions, but others, like "HOW CAN I MEET UKRAINIAN WOMEN?"

This picture above with the laptop and the blonde... the laptop and hand in the foreground are mine while I sat at my favorite cafe writing the ebook. The gorgeous girl sitting 4 feet to my right in the pic is pretty much ROUTINE.

About the ebook

This ebook is is available at Live in Ukraine! (which also happens to be the title). It's about 100 pages printed ("about" because it grows/shrinks a little with editing).

It could be broken down into 3-4 fairly distinct sections. I'm sure each section could have been expanded into it's own separate book, but in my enthusiasm to get this information out I just put it all in one.

Section 1: Why live in Ukraine?

The first three chapters (which you can actually download FREE at Live in Ukraine!) is "inspirational". You'll LOVE IT, but it really covers things you probably already know, think, and feel. If the book were broken into named sections, the best title for this section would be "WHY live in Ukraine?" (Hint: I've covered it in very summary form above).

Section 2: Making your life more MOBILE

The next section is "Chapter 4: Preparing for your own prison break". It's only one chapter, but it's a BIG chapter that talks about the gazillion things you'll need to do to make your life more MOBILE so that you can live in Ukraine for long periods of time without disrupting your life too much. Of course if your life already allows for extended travel, remote work, etc., then you may not need all that.

This chapter is almost purely "functional" in describing rearranging your life to make it more mobile. It barely talks about women or dating at all.

Section 3: Functioning in Kiev

The next section is also only one chapter, "Chapter 5: Functioning in the promised land (Kiev)". This is also "functional"... Not a lot about dating or women per se, but things you'll NEED TO KNOW once you're in Kiev... housing, transportation, communications, shopping, navigating, and much more.



This section has four chapters and comprises more than a third of the ebook. These chapters are:
  • Chapter 6: How to meet WOMEN WITHOUT using dating sites or agencies
  • Chapter 7: Other ways to meet women
  • Chapter 8: Dating Topics, Tips, and Advice
  • Chapter 9: Go!
Chapters 7-9 are great. They talk about common ways to meet women in Kiev, online tips, places to meet people, discussion of common in-person scams, a few points of guidance on dating in Ukraine, and so on.

But that Chapter 6... it's in a world of its own.

It tells you something NO ONE ELSE TALKS ABOUT: How to meet women NATURALLY, without even using dating sites, apps, agencies, bars, or clubs.

This chapter is worth the price of the whole book. I have followed this whole international dating industry since 2005 and I can tell you that I have never seen or heard what I suggest in Chapter 6 ANYWHERE ELSE!

You can download the first three chapters of this ebook free, and the full ebook comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so there's really no risk to you. If Chapter 6 doesn't blow your socks off, just ask for a refund.

So click on over to Live in Ukraine! and check it out!

Is the price of the ebook worth it?

Google "asus laptop randomly quits without warning" and see what information you find. MOST of it goes something like:
  • Have you tried X?
  • (2003) Sometimes it is because the computer overheats, have you checked that? [Note the age of the answer]
  • Asus is crap... has reliability issues like this all the time.
  • Etc., etc., etc.
None of this helps. It's all guessing, dated, wrong, off-topic, or all of the above.

What you REALLY WANT is someone who says something more like, "I KNOW this problem... I work with Asus laptops and see this problem at least a few times/week... Here's exactly what you need to do..."

Well, on the subject of how to meet Ukrainian women by living in Ukraine, and how to make your life more mobile to make this possible, this ebook is the ONLY INFORMATION like it, and it comes from someone who made that leap and TOOK NOTES, not someone who is guessing.

This is a fairly "out there" endeavor and you probably wouldn't even know the questions to ask, let alone the answers. This ebook will walk you through it every step of the way.

Large pay-per-letter sites charge $5-$10 per letter each way, and usually the girl isn't even writing you (or she's paid to write). This ebook is the price of two round-trip letters through AFA!

Buy it, read it, and if you are disappointed within 60 days, follow the simple instructions at Live in Ukraine! and I'll refund your purchase.

*** Reviewed/Updated October 2018 ***

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